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Fewer States

Consolitate the USA, to help cut federal spending!
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OK why is there a north and South Dakota? Make it Dakota. We wipe out at least 2 State senators. Plus congressmen.

Texas and Oklahoma,, get over it,, Texahoma. Again more politicians gone to the waste land they came from.

North and South Carolina? The civil war ending in 1865, It's "Carolina ReDux",, also Virginia merges. More worthless bureaucrat's taken from the list of vermin we pay for as US citizens.

Idaho Wyoming and Montana BAMM Wydahoana Millions saved in the move.

Massachusetts, Connecticut Rhode Island etc etc ,, East of New York is New England. More millions saved.

You get the idea. Why do we need 50 states? It was because of when we were settling. DUH, we've settled.

I love all the states, but it's just not good business sense to have that many any more. it's just job security for the politicians!

I've been told my history stinks by Dr curry. Yup it does. The idea Jasper was to cut down on the politicians we pay for. And Puerto Rico is not going to be a state for a long time. There is no tax base there to make it worth while. There are also still radical movements in PR to separate it from the states. That will not happen either.

Your 1-1, my History sucks. But you clearly do not know PR as I do.

Mett, Feb 26 2008


       I like Con-Island. I also like Rhodicut. But I fear I smell a list a-thon...and so might the other 50 of us.
blissmiss, Feb 26 2008

       // it's just job security for the politicians! //   

       ... which is exactly why they would never vote this in .....
8th of 7, Feb 26 2008

       Not in the least following your logic here. To put it politely, your knowledge of history could do with some buffing up. North and South Carolina were divided long before the Revolutionary War, let alone the Civil War. 50 is nowhere mandated as some magic number of states.   

       If anything, the number is likely to grow, not decline - California splitting in two or three, Puerto Rico getting statehood, New York City and Long Island seceding from New York State, Britain finally breaking free of the Continent, etc.
DrCurry, Feb 26 2008

       Gr.: Fewer states.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 26 2008

       what does this have to do with halfbakery:voting?
po, Feb 26 2008

       try public: pillowfight
po, Feb 26 2008

       Alaska, Hawaii, and the other weird bits (D.C., etc.) could be lumped together and called Misc.
phundug, Feb 26 2008

       Utah merges with Kosovo, Sicily, Taiwan and Tanzania. New provincial anthem "I think we're alone now..."
lurch, Feb 26 2008

       What will that do to our sports teams though!?
quantum_flux, Feb 26 2008

       Hopefully it'll reduce them a bit.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 26 2008

       It's been thought of. I recall one scheme where the plan was to divide the country by geographic regions--Ozarka, Gulfia, Plainsia, Lakeland--that at least had a plan or rationale.   

       I'd go for a plan to get rid of states altogether, and just divvy up the US into congressional districts.
baconbrain, Feb 26 2008

       Many of Africa's current problems arose when colonising powers designed countries around geography and nice straight lines rather than recognising the existing tribal and societal boundaries, without reference to the inhabitants.   

       Perhaps a slightly more sensible approach would be to ask the residents who they want to be lumped in with. Obviously this risks a proliferation of "People's independant socialist republic of Apartment 4, 116 Main Street", but that goes with the territory ......
8th of 7, Feb 26 2008

       I suppose that, if they asked nicely, we could invite them back to become part of the UK. There would have to be a probationary period, of course, and they'd have to learn the language and cutlery use.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 26 2008

       //Idaho Wyoming and Montana BAMM Wydahoana Millions saved in the move.// I think you're over-estimating the cost of 31 miles of barbed wire.
lurch, Feb 26 2008

       Thanks for another opportunity to mention the Republic of Cascadia. We would be more than willing to remove Washington and Oregon from your roster, along with geographically-related bits of Northern California and Alaska, plus select parts of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming (mainly those that comprise the Columbia River watershed - we have to protect our natural resources).   

       FYI, the current population of Cascadia would be over 15 million, with an economy generating over $450 billion annually, placing it in the world's top 20 economies. We want to put an end to sending our tax dollars back east to fill the greedy pockets of foreign politicians in Ottawa and Washington, DC.
Canuck, Feb 26 2008

       "try public: pillowfight"
I'm game if you are.
phoenix, Feb 26 2008

       coughs...we already are New England even though not one state. Rhodecutchuhampshire has a better ring to it.
xandram, Feb 27 2008

       Why not advocate that the various states be <strike>demoted to</strike> 'gathered into the fold' as 'regions' or some such title and bring them under one banner.
A banner of utopian peace...
A banner where the needs of the people are benevolently catered for, not with the bureaucracy and red tape of these 'senators' and <scoff> 'politicians'...
A banner for the New World Order under guiding principles of MY NEW REGIME! Muah Hah Hah!!

       <cough> Sorry. Did I say that out loud?
Jinbish, Feb 27 2008

       Can somebody please amend this to "Fewer states"? I am fewer than enthusiastic about this idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 27 2008

       I like this idea. One could use population as a rough estimate for what a state should include. This would make Wydahoana very reasonable, but also the splitting of SoCal from Cascadia.   

       [Mett], I invite you to take a little time and redraw the map. Do it up. Link up a before and after. That way you get to name all the new states, as it seems you may have a gift. Plus nifty pictures are guaranteed bun magnets around here.   

       Also, [Mett], please post your answers as annotations. I read your answers to the annos as part of your idea. Fortunately since you mentioned DrCurry by name I had some idea what you were / he would be talking about. Better though to have the idea stand as you initially had it and your witty repartee as annos.   

       I would finally add that Mett is a fine name for an absolute dictator, and that is what it would take to make this happen. Maybe you could clean up the english language next. The whole c / k / x thing irks me to no end.
bungston, Feb 27 2008

       What [MB] said. Twice.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 27 2008

       //Gr.: Fewer states// calm down - no need for growling.
po, Feb 27 2008

       I like it. I would prefer lumping all the stupid laws (alcohol, firearms, drug use, marriage laws, etc, etc) together and having, say, 10 different states all spanning various weather and location variables.   

       Want to gay marry? move to the northeast. Hate the ability for people to buy alcohol on the day of the lord? move to the top middle.   

       eventually, we can get a giant jigsaw and separate into factions.   

       p.s. I'm moving to the geek section.
ericscottf, Feb 27 2008

       Up here, we have 13 provinces/territories. It works out pretty well. Although, the territories aren't exactly pverpopulated. But you get the idea. It would take a LOT of work, but it would work out.   

       [quantum_flux], the teams would stay the same. We have few pro hockey teams, but it still works.
Shadow Phoenix, Feb 27 2008

       [admin: fixed grammar in title.]
jutta, Feb 28 2008

       I really thought this was going to have something to do with stimulating the electron state of atoms or altering the spins thereof. Like atoms, like people .... excited or relaxed are sometimes the only two states of existance.
quantum_flux, Feb 28 2008

       Thanks, [jutta]. We was hyperventilating.
lurch, Feb 28 2008


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