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An oh-so-bitchin' fan site for my fave physicist, Richard P. Feynman...
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Oh my god, isn't Richard Feynman the best!? He is like so hot! He so deserved that Nobel Prize. And to think he almost didn't get it. What a gyp! He's so much cuter than those other scienticians.

My favorite issue of Tiger Beat is the one with him and Murray Gell-Mann on the cover. Oh my god! Could they be hunkier?! I can't wait til they reissue the Feynman Lectures on Physics on CD. I bet they'll be number one with a bullet. Oh, yeah!

Although he lost his true love Arlene when he was oh so young he never let that get him down too much and he did such a terriific job on the Manhattan Project. Don't even get me started on the Challenger Disaster!

Stop It, now! You're making me blush. Richard we love you, wherever you are! Tuva or Bust!.

dgeiser13, Feb 27 2001

Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics http://britneyspears.ac/lasers.htm
Oh, so you meant to do pretty much the opposite of *this*. [jutta, Feb 27 2001]

MC Hawking http://www.mchawking.com/
"Yo! This site is your ultimate resource for information about Stephen Hawking the gangsta rapper. While there are dozens of other sites on the web devoted to Stephen Hawking's scientific achievements, I am unaware of asingle site (aside from this one) devoted to his career as a lyrical terrorist." [egnor, Feb 27 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Comic book: Two-fisted Science http://www.amazon.c...6010604/halfbakery/
Includes a story about Feynman, along with many of his contemporaries. [jutta, Feb 27 2001]

(?) Two-fisted Science excerpt: Safecracker (pages 1-4) http://www.gt-labs.com/BEMp1.html
The excerpted Feynman story is also available separately for $2.50; click on "ordering" for details. [jutta, Feb 27 2001]

Moving Bodies http://www.sfstatio.../marinco.htm#moving
From ejs's annotation. [jutta, Feb 27 2001]

Moving Bodies http://www.curtainu...m/movingbodies.html
Review of another production. "That such a bright man can have so much trouble marshalling 'that force of nature known as woman' is an interesting sidebar, but here we have scene after pointless scene about it, and it's not that remarkable to start with." Ugh. [jutta, Feb 27 2001]

Look Who's Hawking http://www.mobcar.com/digitalcinema.asp
This site has a movie on it called "look who's hawking", contemplating the notion of Stephen Hawking making a mail-order greatest hits album... check it out! [mobcar-media, Feb 01 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Bill Gates Interviews Richard Feynman http://www.trnsoft....atures/features.htm
The best is at the end. [hollajam, Oct 04 2004]

Feynman plays bongos. http://www.boingboi...d-feynman-play.html
Musical genius! [DrBob, Jun 01 2009]

Douglas Hofstadter http://en.wikipedia.../Douglas_Hofstadter
quite smart [xenzag, Jun 02 2009]


       I always wanted to run my fingers through Ernest Borgnine's eyebrows.
MrPsloth, Feb 27 2001

       PeterSealy, does anything ever crack a smile in your face plate? The gist of my idea was multi-fold. First I thought it would be interesting if there was a fan site for Richard Feynman which was done in the style of some of these fawning sites for N'Sync, Backstreet Boys, etc. Second I thought it would be interesting if the people of the world who devote so much time to this pseudo-celebs would actually pay attention to the people who truly make a different in this world. Thirdly, I thought it might be humrous to emulate a chick who's "oh-so in love" with Richard Feynman and thereby eliciting some feedback from other's.
dgeiser13, Feb 27 2001

       Feynman was cool. Wasn't it great how his hair flopped around when he played the bongos. Did he do science as well? Wow! Talented and intelligent. I didn't realise.
DrBob, Mar 01 2001

       What, you're saying that the Feyn-Man comic strip is based on a real guy?

OK then, who d'ya think would win in a fight between Feynman and say, Heisenberg?
hippo, Mar 01 2001

       'Copenhagen' - I saw it quite recently in London. Very good.
hippo, Mar 01 2001

       hippo, waugsqueke - Nice gag. Like it. In principle, anyway.
mark_t, Mar 01 2001

       hippo, are you serious about the Feynman comic strip? if so tell me more.
dgeiser13, Mar 01 2001

       waugsqueke, you should have asked "Are you certain it was Heisenberg?"
centauri, Mar 02 2001

       jutta and hippo, thank you very much for the feyman tidbits. you've made my day and given me something new to hunt down :-)
dgeiser13, Mar 02 2001

       [dgeiser13] - No it was a superhero joke: Superman/Batman/Feynman - that line of thought...
hippo, Mar 02 2001

       well, hippo...jutta found me a Feynman comic book after all :-)
dgeiser13, Mar 02 2001

       centauri - waugsqueke's question was OK. The answer was, of course: "Heisenberg...probably".
goff, May 09 2001

       The Feynmania continues:   

       Moving Bodies A comic fantasy about Nobel prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman's exploration of science, sex, and the mysteries of the universe. The play traces Feynman's life from his early days at MIT and Princeton to his work with the Manhattan Project, and finally, in his later years, his shocking discovery of the cause of the Challenger explosion. Location: Marin Theatre Company Dates: Thursday, May 17 - Sunday, June 10 Times: Thursday - Saturday at 8:15 pm, Sunday at 7:15 pm Admission: $10 - $20 general admission More info: http://www.sfstation.com/theatre/marinco.htm#moving
ejs, May 17 2001

       What about all the celebs' untapped talents, like a site for Bill Clinton's clarinet music. (Might be good actually, I really never heard it).
pashute, Nov 04 2002

       Richard Feynman was driving (around Berekley?) in his van with a Feynman Diagram painted on the side of it. Somebody pulled up and asked him, " Why do you have a Feynman Diagram painted on the side of your van?" "Because I'm Richard Feynman," he answered.
ty6, Nov 04 2002


       ...he would have loved the 'bakery....
hollajam, Nov 04 2002

       Richard Feynman was driving (around Berekley?) in his van with a Feynman Diagram painted on the side of it. Somebody pulled up and asked him, " Why do you have a Feynman Diagram painted on the side of your van?" "Because I'm Richard Feynman," he answered.   

       Thats not entirely true, it was his wife driving, ,and she said "because im mrs. feynman"
Stalkerofursoul, Nov 18 2002

       Damn Gypsies! always keeping good scientists from getting the nobel prize, always having too many thieving kids, we should just get rid of them.
davidcreede, Aug 17 2003

       Is that some sort of joke [davidcreede]?
bristolz, Aug 17 2003

       I only learned recently that the word gyp is an ethnic slur on gypsies. That's too bad, because I always thought it was a perfectly good word, but I'm now disinclined to use it.
snarfyguy, Aug 17 2003

       I prefer 'Charming Travelling Romany Folk' myself.
. Feynman Rocks by the way. Feigenbaum also rocks.
gnomethang, Aug 17 2003

       It's interesting to note, but the Challenger disaster O-ring fiasco may never have been exposed except for Feynman. He was put on the forensic police only as a Republican afterthought - to their detriment. (He was never told that he was just supposed to be 'token'...)   

       Another interesting Nobel Prize/Notable Genius juxtaposition was Albert Einstein. He Got the Nobel Prize, too, but neither for his Special (1905) nor General (1915) theories of Relativity. Just a bunch of arcane esoteric ideas. Some people believe (as I do) that it was probable that the Nobel Commission just didn't comprehend Relativity at that time.   

       All in all, though, I agree that Feynman (pronounced: fay · nuh · min) should have his own fan club; and his closest competion isn't Hawking: it was Einstein/Newton.   

       Humbly: +
Wily Peyote, Jun 02 2009

       Can we please also have something for Douglas Hofstadter? (see link for those who do not know - can there be any?)
xenzag, Jun 02 2009


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