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Fiber Optic Field of Wheat Electrostatic Floor and Ceiling

You Can Have a Feeling You’re Not in Kansas Anymore
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This is a false floor and ceiling system for large hotel ballrooms that uses millions of 15 inch fiber optic cables that perfectly mimic a vast field of wheat.

In the floor, the cables are pointed up. As people walk or dance or stagger across the transparent floor surface, the electrostatic charge moves the cables around beneath the floor surface, creating an endless array of patterns as the cables react to the movement.

In the ceiling panels, the fiber optic cables hang down, and respond to the many small and unobtrusive fans blowing across their surface.

Since some people might experience vertigo, the floor surface is vomit proof and easily cleaned. Heat from the cable lighting is harvested for the hotel bakery.

Grogster, Jul 28 2010


       would be better without the last paragraph.
jhomrighaus, Jul 28 2010

       BAD GROG! NO BISCUIT! Sometimes I just can't help myself.
Grogster, Jul 28 2010

       I like it. Not sure how long the floor-mounted wheat would survive. If the ballroom orchestra played the conga, you'd wind up with a crop circle. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 28 2010

       "If you build it, they will throw up ...."
8th of 7, Jul 28 2010

       I was thinking for a while it would be neat to turn some of [MaxB]'s moles loose in the floor sections to move the fiber optic cables around, but the local health department frowned on that one...
Grogster, Jul 28 2010


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