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Watch What You're Reading

tracking reading lamp
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Watch What You're Reading is a scale model of a security watch tower, complete with lights and miniature guards.

You direct its main search light onto your book or magazine and relax. If you change location, it senses the movement, tracks your position, and follows you. If you switch it unto random, the search light moves around the room looking for signs of movement on which to concentrate its powerful beam.

Magnify the atmosphere of that cold war novel by switching on the swirling cold fog option, and enjoy the added effect of the beam slicing through it, to illuminate stories of spies being exchanged on bleak border crossings.

xenzag, Mar 01 2007


       Good for reading The Great Escape.
skinflaps, Mar 01 2007

       As a reading light, sounds cool, if not exactly something that would fit into every decor ... but in random mode, as a confuse-a-cat or prowler-annoyer its just wonderful ! How does it stay locked onto the book ?
batou, Mar 01 2007

       //How does it stay locked onto the book ? // same way as a tank gun locks unto a target, only in miniature.
xenzag, Mar 01 2007


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