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Fibre optic bathroom uplighter

Why not ?
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For many reasons, freestanding lighting fixtures in bathrooms are not very practical. Inspection of a representative sample* of typical bathrooms disclosed an absence of useable power outlets from which such devices can be powered. The environment is often laden with moisture, making sealed or semi-sealed fittings a necessity, and if moisture does get in, contact surfaces can corrode rapidly.

Now, BorgCo have the solution to all your bathroom illumination woes** - the new Fibre Optic Uplighter. It looks like a regular uplighter with a slightly thicker than average cable, but its design is ingenious. Where the lamp(s) would normally be, there is a frosted translucent optical diffuser, below which is the termination of a fibre-optic "cable". The cable passes down through the shaft of the uplighter and is led out of the room; at the threshold, as flattened portion allows it to be unobtrusively led under the door, or indeed under carpet. The illumination source is in a box with a cooling fan and an RF-controlled ON/DIM/OFF system operated by a keyfob-sized remote control in the bathroom. Because it's outside the room it doesn't need to be moisture proof, and can just plug into any regular outlet.

The DeLuxe version has colour-changing capabilities.

Not available in the shops !

* Two. But still statistically significant.

** including [xenzag]'s; the answer is "To avoid screaming and panic attacks, nevet put the light on, wear a paper bag over your head at all times, and put a towel over the mirror]"

8th of 7, Nov 09 2019


       The underlying overall problem is the outdated regulations forbidding electrical sockets in bathrooms. There is actually no reason not to have sockets, as long as they are in places that won't get splashed. The original argument for banning them was that some idiot might plug in an electric heater and balance it on the edge of a full bathtub. However, since all installations now have RCDs, even an ingenious idiot would be unable to electrocute themselves in this way.   

       The simple solution, I have discovered, is just to go ahead and install sockets where you want them - it's your house after all. If you want to sell the house, just remove the sockets and fit blanking plates.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 09 2019

       That is correct; there are pay-per-view webcam streams of exactly that type (according to [MB]; such data are invariably of doubtful reliability).
8th of 7, Nov 09 2019

       Seems like a lot of faffing around just to get more light in your bathroom. Just put a brighter bulb in the ceiling light, and put a conveniently-facing mirror where you want up-lit.
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 10 2019

       The shape shadow play on the ceiling is going to be interesting. A cyclotron, for a bit of through power, might muddle the lines.
wjt, Nov 13 2019


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