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Field coil wallpaper

Power where you need it without outlets
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Large metallic field coil (to use with the generator of your choice; Van de Graaff, Tesla, etc.) disguised as wallpaper. Outlet adapters for devices. But who would install it, electricians or decorators?
drinkh20, Mar 14 2002


       Turns the whole house into a bug zapper.
dag, Mar 14 2002

       *Swirls dervish-like through the abode with a lit stun gun*
-- My impression of a Tazmanian firefly.
reensure, Mar 15 2002

       Not recommended for those with pacemakers.
phoenix, Mar 15 2002

       or those who want to take their credit cards inside their house!
sappho, Mar 15 2002

       Or children.... Or....   

       Wait-- I'll take one!
jester, Mar 18 2002

       Would it make your hair stand on end? You could really freak your friends out the first time they came to see your new decor. I'd recommend a Fire and Brimstone or Haunted Carnival motif. Ooh, and showers would scare me!
MuddyBuddy, Feb 13 2004

       Nice idea!   

       You'd want it to work by induction though.   

       It wouldn't work with a Van de Graff generator, since that just produces a static field which is useless. Really, you'd need to feed it AC. And Tesla coils wouldn't really do much for you; all they do is transform AC from low to high frequencies. IMHO, simple 60Hz mains current would be just fine.   

       Your wallpaper could contain a great many coils; the central axis of each would be perpendicular to the wall, and they could be stacked honeycomb-style. This would produce a time-varying magnetic field perpendicular to the wall, which would induce an alternating current in any wire parallel to the wall. Then, any device can get power just by including a coil that can be oriented with its axis perpendicular to the wall (or three, arranged something like the coordinate axes, so that one is always perpendicular to the wall).
TerranFury, Feb 13 2004


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