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File format for 360 degree photos

Similar to .JPG or .BMP, but for 360 degree panaromic views
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Viewer application for these files should be incorporated in popular browsers.
VJW, Feb 01 2011


       Who wants photos at that kind of temperature??
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 01 2011

       Yes, that's 87°C
hippo, Feb 01 2011

MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 01 2011

       I'm beginning to notice a trend in [VJW]'s ideas...
Spacecoyote, Feb 01 2011

       You're saying they're trendy??
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 01 2011

       I was wondering what that was stuck to my foot...   

       So... you want a file that automatically wraps itself around you when you click on it ?
FlyingToaster, Feb 01 2011

       <Bad geek joke>   

       Sounds like Python ....   

       </Bad geek joke>
8th of 7, Feb 01 2011

       //that's 87°C//   

       No, I meant 360 °C. ;)
VJW, Feb 02 2011

       No thanks, I've eaten.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 02 2011

       Madonna's poorly-received follow-up to Like a Virgin? (edit: "Like an Owl", I mean, not "No thanks, I've eaten")
hippo, Feb 02 2011

       //Sounds like Python ....//   

       "My wife was on holiday in the Caribbean, when she suddenly couldn't breathe!"   

       "Boa constrictor?"   

       "No, her collar was too tight"
spidermother, Feb 03 2011

       "My wife's gone on holiday to the Carribean."   


MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 03 2011

       "Give him a couple of crisps and he'll let you."
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 03 2011

       "Our dog's got no nose..."   

       Hand on, have we got out of sync somewhere ... ?
8th of 7, Feb 03 2011

       I don't wish to know that.
mouseposture, Feb 04 2011


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