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Finding Studies That Matter

results like r=+.0 p>.05 searchable on Yahoo
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I was doing research n I noticed a giant opportunity that Yahoo has.  when I search to find statistically meaningful results a search on r=+.9 will preferably create a list of items with a .9 correlation.  To be able to do that is like the Froogle or Yahoo Products of science research.  To be able to search valid results has big value. Right now both Yahooo n Google automatically modify a "=+.0" to "0" "even if I try things like \=\+\.0 Those \ are character escapes.     If Yahoo makes that feature function then Yahoo will be able to say: You can search the literature on Yahoo to find science that matters That is a big credibility effect to compete with Google.   You will also build up the rate of effective technological change when researchers are able to find valid results online.

The funny thing is that the search is doable with perl or even MS Word Perhaps the Idea might be:

premium service use perl on our giant Yahoo DB

search: cure MS r=.5

beanangel, Aug 10 2005

"r = +0.900" http://www.google.c...r+%3D+%2B0%2E900%22
128 results [reensure, Aug 11 2005]

"r > +0.050" http://scholar.goog....050%22&btnG=Search
312 Results on Google Scholar [reensure, Aug 11 2005]


       Just a suggestion, try increasing the number of significant digits <link>
You have a good idea, but you might want to finish your research quicker just now.
reensure, Aug 11 2005

       What are you correlating?
Shz, Aug 11 2005

       the "" doesn't act literal at google or yahoo "r = +0.5" Results 1 - 10 of about 19,000 for "r = +0.5" numerous R 0.5 things that are non research   

       I'm viewing the world database of happiness http:// www1.eur.nl/fsw/happiness/ where there are numerous literal "r=+.nn" I'd like it if Yahoo recognized + - = as literals   

       The published items that are digested at Yahoo just have two SD   

       The funny thing is that the search is doable with perl or even MS Word Perhaps the Idea might be: premium service use perl on the giant Yahoo DB
beanangel, Aug 11 2005

       I was going to do a drive-by fishboning for the lack of capitals in the title. Then I tried to read this. Then I tried to understand this. Now my head hurts.   

       Just search for "statistically meaningful". And learn to write. [-]
baconbrain, Aug 11 2005

       I really wanted to believe there was more to this.
Shz, Aug 11 2005

       well, there's big piles of published findings that google n yahoo don't parse Itd be much nicer if they did. What do you think of a yahoo premium version where you do perl searches.
beanangel, Aug 12 2005

       [Treon], There are many studies that are significant below r=0.9. In fact, a correlation of .9 or above would be in the minority in some fields of study, and would just as easily suggest collinearity (a bad thing in a multiple regression). It's probably just as important to search on p-values less than .05.
Adze, Aug 12 2005

       Forget the internet, read books.
mecotterill, Apr 16 2008


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