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Hide all youtube videos with titles that start with numbers

A browser plugin
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14 blahs that do bleh!

It won't end clickbait in one fell swoop, but it will help.

If I never see another video that starts with a number I'll be a happy man. An advanced version could hide articles that start with numbers and don't include any words above a 10th grade reading level.

edit: also hides videos with "shocking", "hack", "viral", "insane", and the like

Voice, Jan 06 2018


       Also, hide any which show a front cover featuring some young idiot pulling a shocked or awed or overly quizzical expression, alway open mouthed, at some object or thing or concept or product or recent change in events.
Ian Tindale, Jan 06 2018

       Hide Youtube. There's a reason that media became a professional job.
RayfordSteele, Jan 07 2018


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