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Finger Heater

Computer CPU cooler prevents frostbite
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When things get chilly out, or you are working in your secret antarctic 'facility' (basement) not much keeps the fingertips comfortable.

I have a laptop cooler that blows air 'up' from underneath my laptop and often the air coming out of the keyboard is nice and warm.

Usually this is on one side near the CPU.

I want a set of vents like a car's dashboard so that CPU heat can be directed where I need it most. I'd jet a little out to one side so my Mouse hand can stay warm too; some days I'd have it fully vented toward me or channeled under my shirt for that extra toasty feeling; other days I'd vent it entirely away from me and the computer to add to global warming.

Accessories include "slow roasted popcorn maker" "Coffee mug warmer" "pheasant Roastery" "socks dryer"

subflower, Feb 09 2010

Hot Mouse http://common.ziffd...z=1&i=148071,00.jpg
[ldischler, Feb 09 2010]

Warm mouse and keyboard http://www.heatedmouse.info/
[ldischler, Feb 09 2010]


       They do this with motorbikes, why not laptops? I've always wondered if warming ones hands reduces tendon RSI damage...no evidence that is true; just an intuition
white, Feb 09 2010

       //I'd jet a little out to one side so my Mouse hand can stay warm too...//   

       Why not put a heater in the mouse? A hot mouse.
ldischler, Feb 09 2010

       [+] and reversible for hot days.
FlyingToaster, Feb 09 2010


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