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Finger Powered Cell Phone

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If buttons on the mobile phone dial pad are made of piezoelectric material, they will deform when we press them. The resulting electrical voltage from mechanical deformation can be stored and used for charging the mobile phone.that is great!
m salehi, Aug 20 2007

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       I don't press nearly enough buttons for this to work, you'd be better of with one of those kineto thingies that you get in some gimicky watches.   

       What I would like however, is a little click out buttony thing like the button on a laptop for ejecting PCMCIA cards (not a winder, that would take up too much space) that I could use to charge my phone up a little bit in an emergency when it's my only option. Perhaps place it at the top where arials used to go so that it can be operated with the thumb while making a call. Actually, it could also be removable and used to light a gas stove. Hang on a minute, this anno is moving into the realms of a new idea methinks.
marklar, Aug 20 2007

       I've seen watches that are "self-winding," and I believe generate their winding via continual shaking of the watch during wear. Seems you might get more motion (and thus, more charge) from something like that.
awesomest, Aug 20 2007

       That's what [marklar] said. I'd have to agree though. I think mobiles that mobiles should be powered by miniature nuclear reactors.
wagster, Aug 20 2007

       And then, just as you can get mechanical devices to wind up self-winding watches, you could have optional attachments to charge your piezoelectric phone for you.   

       What's wrong with solar power?
DrCurry, Aug 20 2007

       Cost ineffectiveness.
Texticle, Aug 20 2007

       most mobile phones already have a small dc motor incorporated. perhaps that could be used as a generator somehow.
TIB, Aug 20 2007

       A small attachable battery could be useful if it were used in the same way as a spare tyre.
hidden truths, Aug 21 2007


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