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Fluorescent Charger jack-socket system.

Put a small LED on the charger jack and some fluorescent paint on the socket.
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In my ongoing quest to solve all of the world's problems with fluorescence, I bring my latest contribution, it's pretty simple.

So, plugging your phone charger into your phone in the dark can be troublesome. This can easily be solved by turning on the lights, however, easily woken girlfriends also prove troublesome in this scenario. Instead, simply incorporate a small UV/far blue LED, eg 405nm into the end of the charger lead. On the phone, paint the inside of the charger socket with fluorescent paint (pick a colour, any colour).

The led on the charger should only light when you're gripping it, via a sensitive momentary switch. Then, in complete darkness, you will be able to easily locate the socket on your phone.

bs0u0155, May 06 2013




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