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Fire Hydrant Sculpture

Oh look, it's a giant nose....
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I think it would nice if we had sculptured fire hydrants.

They could come in a variety of shapes, like a giant nose, or maybe a normal hydrant with a dog or something.

I mean, they're just so ugly as it is. Aesthetically pleasing shapes would be better.

DesertFox, Feb 03 2005

(?) Hydrant/car sculpture http://www.amusingp...ictures/hydrant.jpg
Probably won't park there again (apologies to those who have seen this image countless times already). [bristolz, Feb 04 2005]

Bicentennial Fire Hydrants of South Bend, Indiana http://www.firehydr...bend-decorated.html
They're just decorated, though, the shape's the same. [jutta, Feb 04 2005]

Hyperhydrant? http://www.firehydr...ainphoto/sharp.html
[jutta, Feb 04 2005]

(?) US Hydrant Design, Inc.'s new marketing campaign http://www.kawabung...anadianmodels/3.jpg
Because hydrants are sexy. [Worldgineer, Feb 04 2005]


       indeed. "ahpes for all" isn't the point of their uniformity so that people can find them easily, say, in a fire ? "Nah, that's not a hydrant, that's a dog. Nah nor there, that's just a big nose" (-).
neilp, Feb 03 2005

       Why is that dog peeing on that other dog?
Worldgineer, Feb 03 2005

       Well, I'd think that the firefighters would notice the big nose, realize that it doesn't belong, and then realize that it really is the fire hydrant. I mean, the firefighters would be the first to know about these sculptures, right?
DesertFox, Feb 04 2005

       Most of the "fire hydrants" here are actually just white plates on the ground covering an outlet, with a marking on the road to point to them. The firefighters have a post with them, on the truck, which they attach to this outlet when they need it.
Detly, Feb 04 2005

       What about parking? You're not allowed to park blocking access to a hydrant. There would have to be some distinctive hydrantness about them that's obvious not just to firefighters.   

       I don't think normal hydrants are ugly at all.
jutta, Feb 04 2005

       Many communities seek out arts projects. Louisville, Kentucky, USA (Kentucky Derby) had dozens and dozens of artists paint horses inspired by those sponsor entities. The horses cost $4000 unpainted and were all auctioned off later.   

       Indianapolis, Indiana, USA once painted all the fire hydrants turquoise at the wish of the mayors wife to make them more attractive.   

       Like it [+].
Mustardface, Feb 04 2005

       Two dogs are walking down the street and one says "hey, could you wait here for a second?" Then he runs across the street and sniffs at a fire hydrant for a while, and then he comes back to join the other dog again. "What what that about?" the first dog asks. The other dog says "Oh, just checking my messages."
phundug, Feb 04 2005

       The point of a fire hydrant is to give firemen easy access to the water they need to pump through their trucks to put out a fire. Any modifications (other than paint) would probably hamper their efforts, and therefore be bad. [-]
brodie, Feb 07 2005

       Not neccessarily. Just make the connection stick out.   

       Actually, just have a region that doesn't have anythiong blocking the way.
DesertFox, Feb 08 2005


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