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Fire Sprinkler System

Roasts beans and doesn't pour water on them.
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The instructions next to the alarm read thus: "In case of emergency, break glass and don protective suit, remembering to activate the contained oxygen supply. The overhead fire sprinklers will produce a five second aerosol spray and then ignite. Please allow two hours for the ventilation system to fully replace oxygen supplies in the complex."

Thought about it after reading all the fire alarm posts recently, then thinking about how sometimes fires are put out through EVEN MORE FIRE. Also useful for killing your entire workforce without warning, along with any incriminating paperwork! And maybe the whole building!

notmarkflynn, Jun 07 2011

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       <nemesis>Not really sure this warrants comment. Be sure to install it whereever you live, though.</nemesis>
dbmag9, Jun 09 2011


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