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it puts the notion on its spin
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Seperate both spheres of a childs clacker toy into hemispheres.
Insert a roll of caps onto the spindle and feed the loose end into the half-slot cut into the hemisphere still connected to the handle.
Reattach the ends and string the caps around the circumference of each sphere to be fed back into the same slot.

A ratchet mechanism within each sphere spools the cap roll to align with each clack.
Once started the clacker rapid fires faster and faster until the caps are depleted.

Prior art. 360_20Newton_27s_20Cradle
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 21 2012]

Clackalackin http://www.google.c...AQ&biw=1024&bih=543
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 21 2012]

Clacker? http://www.urbandic...ne.php?term=clacker
[BunsenHoneydew, Apr 07 2012]


       Image of normal clacker toy, please? Made with 2 spheres?
bungston, Mar 21 2012

       Clackers are made with two hard spheres, one on each of the ends of a cord. There's a holding ring in the middle of the string. You hold the ring and the balls clack together below your hand. You bounce them to build up momentum, until they clack above your hand as well.   

       Then you go even faster until they shatter and put an eye out. Popular in the '70s and on YouTube. (See links in the Prior art link.)   

       There were some other balls with a chemical coating that cracked on impact. That would be easier than caps. But not as good. [+]
baconbrain, Mar 21 2012

       [+] for exploding toys. They're not just for grown-ups!
Alterother, Mar 21 2012

       // Seperate both spheres of a childs clacker //   

       Oh dear. [link]
BunsenHoneydew, Apr 07 2012

       well... that makes for a different read, don't it... [+] I'm not volunteering to be cat or cat beller mind you.   

       Back on track, it should be possible to toss some piezoelectrics in there instead of caps.   

       <random> Newton's van der Graaff Cradle </random>
FlyingToaster, Apr 07 2012

       I find that I didn't need to know the down-under definition of clacker.   

       Not really fair dinkum mate.   

       What are you all eating down there?! I've tried many a gastrically challenging cuisine, and it's never resulted in, er, 'clacking'.
Alterother, Apr 08 2012


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