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Fireproof Backup

External Hard Drive in a Fireproof Enclosure
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I like the idea of external hard drives as backup - especially with falling storage prices, but they are only good for preventing hard drive failure. I would like to see an external enclosure similar to a fire-proof safe. All the cords (power, firewire, usb 2.0) can be connected externally (and are routed to the hard drive inside). The case would be rated for so many hours of fire, and would be waterproof too (in case of flood or dousing from fighting the fire). The problem I see is cooling - perhaps louvered doors that close automatically when they detect heat - or maybe water cooling.
trekbody, Oct 21 2004

Fireproof Hard Drive http://www.klsecuri...roof-hard-drive.htm
Disaster Ready Hard Drive (black box) from ioSafe [klsecurity, Nov 02 2005]

The DataFORTRESS FIreproof Hard Drive http://www.klsecuri...ab_datafortress.htm
Here is the new DataFORTRESS with 120-640GB capacity [klsecurity, Jan 05 2006, last modified Jan 06 2006]

Optocoupler description http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optocoupler
[danpat, Jan 05 2006]

The Gadget Show (UK TV programme) examines 'robust' storage devices http://fwd.five.tv/...-the-scenes-blow-up
The exploded, drowned, and otherwise bashed an external hard drive and a usb drive (I forget the brand names). They both stood up pretty well to severe punishment. [Jinbish, Oct 29 2008]

The JCB phone - live destruction testing http://www.slashgea...red-online-2420298/
We need something like this, where users can interactively point a flamethrower at a hard drive while simultaneously downloading content from it. [hippo, Oct 29 2008]


       Like an aircraft black box for computers. I think that there's probably a simpler solution for networked machines, but I still like the idea.
st3f, Oct 21 2004

       Get a $ 50 fireppoof lock box, drop a big HDD into it & rig it as you suggested. I'd use a peltier junction refrigeration module from a portable refrigerator, When it is off, the heat transfer is minimal.   

       Bear in mind the way fireproof safes work is to have "wet" insulation from the factory. They keep the contents from burning because of the very large heat capacity of water acting together with the insulative properties of the box.
TD3, Oct 22 2004

       Two words: Asbestos punchcards.
phoenix, Oct 23 2004

       have patent pending for fireproof usb hard drive enclouser with automatic vents. need maker and seller! ... boatsmartusa@netscape.net
boatsmart, Oct 19 2005

       There are actually patented fireproof hard drives on the market already. One is the Disaster Ready Drive from ioSafe, the other is the DataFORTRESS from Schwab Corp. www.klsecurity.com
klsecurity, Nov 02 2005

       But what if fire melts the wires causing them to short out, thus killing the drive? Or even worse, what about a power surge? A fireproof case cant prevent those minor situations, however a fireproof/bombproof enclosure gets my vote!
Jscotty, Nov 03 2005

       But what if fire melts the wires causing them to short out, thus killing the drive? Or even worse, what about a power surge? A fireproof case cant prevent those minor situations, however a fireproof/bombproof enclosure gets my vote!
Jscotty, Nov 03 2005

       The ioSafe comes standard with a 3 year protection plan - guranteeing that your data will be extracted and you will get a brand new fireproof waterproof hard drive. Additionally the drive itself also has a 5 year warranty for surges, etc.
klsecurity, Nov 04 2005

       Schwab Corp., with over 130 years of building fireproof safes for data and document protection has just released their DataFORTRESS fireproof hard drive. 120GB - 640GB of storage, USB or FireWire, backup software, and a Lifetime warranty. Another great solution for secure data storage.
klsecurity, Jan 05 2006

       wMy one question is, would the fire get in through where the wires lead in?   

       That said, +.
DesertFox, Jan 05 2006

       [Jscotty] Lots of things have that requirement, which is why someone thought up the "optocoupler", which provides a short optical connection in an electrical circuit. See link to wikipedia.
danpat, Jan 05 2006

       There is a TV show here in the UK called the gadget show where they did a test on several storage devices, includiing disks, cds, HDs and flash memory. They then ran them through several tests such as driving over them, leaving them in a coke/acid solution for about an hour and then burning them. Amazingly the cd was readable until it was burnt but even better was the flash memory (after being sent to a technical specialist firm) where all the data was recovered. Simple solution, create a 160GB flash disk.
miasere, Jan 05 2006

       I can't believe someone actually did - almost exactly as I described - check out the DataFORTRESS link!
trekbody, May 04 2006

       ToughPhone link added - I would love to be able to download content from a remote hard drive while watching streaming video of it on fire.
hippo, Oct 29 2008

       What you need here is for the backup to be in a different location then the system, so that one fire doesn't get both. Rent disk space on a ISP, upload your critical stuff to it and your protected.
theGem, Oct 29 2008


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