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Gimballed sensory deprivation phone case

phone case which uses gimballs to deprivate sensibly
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The described item is a case or enclosure for storing or transporting a mobile telephone handset. The device is inserted into a balanced 2-axis gimbal (three axis would be better but would make the case unfeasibly cubic or spheroidal in shape. 2 axis permits a flatter form factor).

Inside the case is a duodecaphonic array of loudspeakers. The sound system embedded inside the case plays a randomised selection of street and crowded room noises on 12 independent tracks from an updateable library of thousands of samples to ensure a constantly changing and unpredictable background noise.

The mechanism is actuated when the case is locked, and deactivated when the case is opened.

pocmloc, Jun 28 2022


       Is the gimbal system so the phone doesn't know it's moving, or so it thinks it IS moving when not?
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 28 2022

       So, the purpose of this is to mess with surveillance- via- phone? [+]
pertinax, Jun 29 2022

       I considered an array of flashlights as well but I think a darkened interior works better.   

       Not sure if a free-turning balanced gimbal would be better than a motorised constantly turning one - the latter would require much more battery power to run.
pocmloc, Jun 29 2022


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