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Firework Drone Screen

3d matrix of firework drones
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Hmm, maybe Flocking Fireworks covered this.

A 3d matrix of firework drones acting as a screen.

You could also do this with balloons made out of a fireproof material.

JesusHChrist, May 30 2014

MIT Firefly http://vimeo.com/9857904
[xaviergisz, May 31 2014]

Coordinated , Anima...erial Swarm Display
[xaviergisz, May 31 2014]


Voice, May 30 2014

Making the Joneses keep up.

       Fireworks [+]
8th of 7, May 30 2014

       Excellent, but what is a firework drone?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 30 2014

       <sotto voce>   

       It's an essential component of a set of Moriarty & McGonagall's Patent Exploding Bagpipes ... possibly the best (or at any rate, least worst) bagpipes ever made; they produce a brief but spectacularly colourful display of pyrotechnics before exploding with cataclysmic violence, destroying both themselves and the indiviudual attempting to play them.   

       As such, they are revered by musicians everywhere.   

       The ingenious initiation mechanism, combining an air-pressure operated safety switch in the mouthpiece and a flow-sensing arming mechanism in the chanter, ensures that they can be safely handled under all circumstances, right up to the moment a wilful and malicious attempt is made to operate them in the "correct" manner by one accustomed to the weapon.   

       It is best that their existence does not enjoy undue publicity*, as the surreptitious substitution of a set of these pipes for a normal set is seen by law enforcement everywhere as the most prompt, cost- effective and satisfying way of dealing once and for all with repeat offenders.   

       </sotto voce>   

       *Up to now, a Gentleman's Agreement between the authorities involved have explained away the "Spontaneous Bagpipe(r) Explosion" phenomenon by blaming it on "Whisky vapour detonation in the bag", which everyone sems happy to quietly accept.
8th of 7, May 30 2014

       What? Speak up!
MaxwellBuchanan, May 30 2014

       Oh, for Heaven's sake ... turn your hearing aid ... TURN YOUR HEARING AID ON ... YOUR HEARING AID ... TURN IT ON ... THERE .. IN YOUR EAR ... Oh, what's the use ...   


       <holds up card>   

       "Turn yr hearng aid on!! "   

       <lowers card>
8th of 7, May 30 2014

       There's no need to shout. And you need to work on your spelling.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 30 2014


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