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Fishbowl Diving

Experience life in a fishbowl with your finned friends.
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Do you harbor a yearning to dive in distant, tropical seas to view exotic fish and colorful corals? Fishbowl diving will allow this and more at a fraction of the cost.

The diving fishbowl kit has two basic parts: a 5 gallon (19 liter), flat-bottomed, spherical bowl similar to a water cooler bottle and a rubber collar that seals firmly at the base of your neck and snaps onto and off the bowl. The fishbowl has a circular shelf inside its rim for attaching coral and aquatic plants. The collar is penetrated by a flexible snorkel for easy breathing.

To use the diving fishbowl, fill it with water at the correct temperature and salinity for your fish. Add the fish (not carnivorous) and some sand. Don the collar and swim goggles or facemask, insert the snorkel mouthpiece, lean forward and sink the head into the bowl, clicking it onto the collar.

Now straighten up and experience the wonder and beauty of sea life at close hand, while relaxing at home or in the park.

Safety features: A sign on the inside reads, "Outside objects are more distant than they appear". Another sign next to a small hammer on a chain reads, "In case of emergency, break glass".

If you order within 10 days, you will also receive a packet of plastic flakes to give a snowball effect, perfect for those longing for a wintry vacation. Also enclosed is a packet of aluminum flakes for dancing, disco evenings.

FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2002

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[FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       dont forget to include a neck brace
chud, Oct 04 2002

       so which anal fixated clown is going to post toilet bowl....   

       this is perfect for those of us with no short-term memories.   

       what was | saying?
po, Oct 04 2002

       Well po, It looks like those very words came straight from the babes own mouth...;-)
(Oh. Am I the mummer you wanted to come along and say that?)
hollajam, Oct 05 2002

       Or you could just do a scuba course like I did and go diving, catch some crayfish and abalone, kick back for a little siesta at around 12 - 3 cast a few lines out and head out for a surf just intime for the evening glass off, come back in and check your lines to see if you had any luck, dosent matter if you didn't the crayfish and abalone should suffice, head back to the campsite after it gets too dark to surf or fish, cook your abs and crays (and maby a few cockey salmon if your lucky) sink a few brews and go to bed full, sunburnt, slightly tipsy and happy in the knoweldge that tommrow holds more of the same, maby a trip to the closest bottleo to restock on beer though. ARGH SUMMER IS NEARLY HERE.
Gulherme, Oct 05 2002


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