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Fishbowl Nightlight

Relaxing fish shadows move around the room at night.
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A dome shaped fishbowl with a LED light in the middle of it that casts a soft light on the room. As the fish swim around they cast fish shaped shadows on the walls and ceiling.

These might be relaxing to watch as you drift off. Might be cool for kids rooms. It's like their pets are keeping them company having grown to 6 foot versions of themselves.

Turn any room into a sort of virtual under-seascape.

doctorremulac3, Feb 04 2018

Light_20Bulb_20With_20a_20Fly_20in_20it [xenzag, Feb 04 2018]

Horrible drawing made while eating at my desk. https://app.box.com...lx4x9lx62kyvl6yke4g
Trying to eat and draw, making a mess of both. [doctorremulac3, Feb 04 2018]

Tank / light base detail https://app.box.com...uc95rtfez3iix7qrice
[doctorremulac3, Feb 04 2018]

Semi-toroidal_20centripetal_20aquarium [hippo, Feb 05 2018]

You would need to turn this off during the day to let them sleep. http://www.ebay.com...000006039638/g.html
[doctorremulac3, Feb 05 2018]

Top Fin Fishy Fishy Night Aquarium https://www.google....yvgA8xoCso0QAvD_BwE
The Top Fin Fishy Fishy Night Aquarium is a light-projecting betta tank that provides quite the show. This amazing tank features color-changing LED and projection disks that project colorful shapes on the ceiling. You will love how it looks and what an amazing home it makes for your betta. Only at PetSmart. [jurist, Feb 09 2018]

Somebody did a simpler version of this a year later. https://www.faceboo...eos/755077251534046
Think I'll ask if they got the idea from here. [doctorremulac3, Jan 06 2021]


       Nice one.....[+] See fly version in link.
xenzag, Feb 04 2018

       I like this very much. Aside from the fish, you'd also get ripples, which are very soothing to watch.   

       In fact, you could probably do away with the fish and just have a ripulator in the bowl.   

MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 04 2018

       "Wanna see my six foot octopus?"
RayfordSteele, Feb 04 2018

       I like this idea way more than I think your fish are going to like it.

       . ><> (( + )) . <><   


       . . <><   

       Maybe I'll build one of these, see if it works. Simple enough, all off the shelf stuff. The light wouldn't actually be in the water, it would pop up into a dome shaped indentation at the bottom of the tank.   

       Shadows cast by the bubbles coming up out of the aerator might be kind of cool too.
doctorremulac3, Feb 04 2018

       Pics or it didn't happen...   

       Just drew it on a post-it note. Will upload.   

       Obviously it would come with daytime and night time mode or "illuminate" or "project shadows" mode to be exact.   

       I'll put my horrible drawing up. There you go 2.
doctorremulac3, Feb 04 2018

       You could skip the LED if you had a pair of angler fish, casting horrific shadows of each other.
pertinax, Feb 04 2018

       Wonder of the fish would all turn top to the light? Don't they do that?   

       The light might keep them on an opposite schedule. Doing their job casting moving shadows and night and sleeping during the day when the light is off.
doctorremulac3, Feb 04 2018

Jelly fish would make for cool occupants as well.

       Of course, you could have a real simple version which is just a waterproof weighted lamp you drop into the bottom of any fish tank. Doesn't seem very fun though.   

       Yea, like the jellyfish a lot. Those are the most relaxing fish of the ocean. Until you get stung by one like I did once.   

       You're supposed to pee on somebody who gets stung by a jellyfish. Doesn't help, just something to do until the ambulance arrives.
doctorremulac3, Feb 04 2018

       Well nobody ever asked for lentil on their sting...   

       Won't this keep the fish awake/confuse them as to their orientation?
notexactly, Feb 04 2018

       In the days before aquarium heaters were a thing, tropical fishtanks were heated using a lightbulb.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 04 2018

       Maybe confused fish will cast more interesting shadows.   

       I think you'd switch it off during the day to let them sleep.
doctorremulac3, Feb 04 2018

       Throw in a little Jaws movie theme music? Help the little tiddlers drift off to sleep.
AusCan531, Feb 04 2018

       // In the days before aquarium heaters were a thing, tropical fishtanks were heated using a lightbulb. //   

       We fear that, yet again, you are being perhaps just a trifle disingenuous.   

       It would be more correct to state, based on the evidence, the testimony of the fire officers, ambulance personnel, and animal welfare workers (given under oath before the Coroner) that "In the days before aquarium heaters were a thing, my Great-Uncle-in-Law Banastre concieved the idea that tropical fishtanks could be heated using a lightbulb."   

       His enthusiastic - if misguided - attempts to implement the scheme, culminating in the very unfortunate deployment of an Army surplus searchlight in the fourth aquarium hall* at London Zoo, causing the instantaneous demise of the entire collection and blacking out most of South-Eastern England for the best part of three days (but constituting a major cause of celebration in the penguin enclosure) is a matter of public record, an engraved granite memorial tablet, and a number of ongoing lawsuits.   

       *The observant reader may comment that London Zoo has only three aquarium halls; yes, it does, now.
8th of 7, Feb 04 2018

       Nice. Can the bowl glass have a concentrating factor. I think I'd find small weaving schools more peaceful than a big blurry fishy wisp.
wjt, Feb 05 2018

       //Throw in a little Jaws movie theme music?//   

       Nice touch!   

       //Can the bowl glass have a concentrating factor.//   

       I don't think the bowl could. You might be able to put various lenses around the bowl I suppose.
doctorremulac3, Feb 05 2018

       Make sure you use the right light source. I once had an experimental setup in a lab which had a light shining through a water bath. Water is opaque-ish to IR and so absorbs it quite efficiently. After an hour of having this light shining through it, the water would start to boil. This was a 1kW incandescent light, so LEDs should be OK, probably.

Otherwise, a rather lovely idea. To help start implementing it, I did a Google search for "toroidal fish tank" but the only real hit was another HalfBakery idea (see link).
hippo, Feb 05 2018

       Apparently it's available at Pet Smart [see link].
jurist, Feb 09 2018

       I don't think it's casting a fish shadow.   

       "This amazing tank features color-changing LED and projection disks that project colorful shapes on the ceiling."   

       I don't know what a "projection disk" is but I believe it's something that "projects colorful shapes on the ceiling."   

       Maybe I'll buy one and use it as the prototype.   

       Done. They website says they're available at the location by my house.   

       I'll let you know.
doctorremulac3, Feb 09 2018

       // at the location by my house //   

       Not a house, a home. Specifically, "St. Blunderbuss's Care Home for the Terminally Bewildered".   

       Do they deliver, or will you have to be escorted there by a couple of nurses to collect it ?   

       Will the store accept a delivery slip signed in green crayon ?
8th of 7, Feb 09 2018

       Quiet you.   

       Now I HAVE to do this.   

       Shit. What have I gotten myself into?   

       Oh well, I said I'd do it.
doctorremulac3, Feb 09 2018

       // Quiet you. //   


       <pulls faces, makes rude gestures>   

       // Now I HAVE to do this. //   

       Yes, you do. Everyone's watching. They even have their special Schadenfreude sunglasses on.   

       // Shit. What have I gotten myself into? //   

       The Halfbakery. There is no escape. You are doomed.   

       Next question ?   

       // Oh well, I said I'd do it. //   

       That makes you sound like Hitler ...   

       <BOOOONGGG> "GODWIN'S LAW !"   

       Bet you weren't expecting THAT !
8th of 7, Feb 10 2018

       It's a mistake to ever be surprised by Godwin's law.
doctorremulac3, Feb 10 2018

       For some insane reason, I missed this gem the first go-round. So now I must yell my response at the top of my lungs so you all can hear me down at the bottom of the well. I LOVE THIS VERY VERY MUCH.
blissmiss, Jan 07 2021


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