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Flash Fishing

fish fresh flash fish from home
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Log on to virtual-fish.com and begin playing the flash-based virtual fishing game. This it not just a game however, for every fish you catch, you have the option of throwing it back in the lake, or adding it to your basket. When you've caught what you're looking for, you simply proceed to check-out, pay, and have market-fresh fish delivered to your doorstep the following day!

Different species and sizes may be caught, and costs would reflect actual market prices according to season and availability.

shinobi, Sep 06 2007


       i suspect the spelling is "doorstep" but i've been wrong before.   

       sounds like a lot of fun. +
k_sra, Sep 06 2007

       Darn, I was picturing fly casting wearing nothing but waders and trench coat.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 06 2007

       Can I fish for a whale shark and have that delivered?
Noexit, Sep 06 2007

       ...and the same option for venison?
DrCurry, Sep 06 2007

       fishing for venison?
k_sra, Sep 06 2007

       Fishing for compliments.
normzone, Sep 06 2007

       //Fishing for compliments//   

       why, [norm], you are looking so ruggedly handsome today!
k_sra, Sep 06 2007

       The way I read this, I thought the author [shinobi] was going to add something to an already existing virtual-fish.com. The idea makes so much sense, I was completely thinking that it was already baked, and operational.   

       make this happen.   

       fishing online, love it
evilpenguin, Sep 06 2007

       Like a flash mob event but when everyone arrives they all get their rods out.   

theleopard, Sep 07 2007

       I never thought the "buy over the Internet" thing was very attractive for things where freshness counts, like fish especially. Now, obviously it could work--they'll send you meat through the mail--but it seems like a big hassle.
partdavid, Sep 07 2007

       So would I, but I fear it might impact somewhat on the business model.
wagster, Sep 07 2007

       you have a business model? is she tall?
k_sra, Sep 07 2007

       Tall and svelte, but has an irrational fear of fisherrobots.
wagster, Sep 07 2007

       Catch a mermaid and get a stripper delivered?
elhigh, Sep 07 2007

       I'm surprised no one has reported that something very much like this--only for hunting--was going on in Texas, or somewhere.   

       "Players" were hunters who got to remotely shoot a deer from their keyboards. Not real sure of the details, but as I remember, it was made illegal pretty much everywhere.   

       Not in the spirit most hunters would like to promote.
Boomershine, Oct 06 2010

       //remotely shoot a deer from their keyboards// People would pay soooo much to be able to control a tripod-mounted sniper rifle that they could use to shoot a deer over the internet.   

       You'd also need a Mars rover that could transport the carcass to a drop point, to be shipped.   

       Ideally, the rover should have an attachment that allowed deer to be 'finished off' if necessary.
marklar, Oct 06 2010

       Back to the idea, you should get a real fishing rod to control and dump the fish in a net. I'll leave the trivial engineering details to you.
marklar, Oct 06 2010


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