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Flash Glasses

Eyelid activated persistence of vision glasses for reading ironic text.
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These are not computerized glasses, but some simple reconfiguation of photographic technology and spectacles. Most glasses provide some degree of protection from brightness, or otherwise assist the wearer's sight. However, these ironic glasses are for viewing irony, through applying flash and likely not improving sight beyond the persistence of vision effect they affect. These glasses flash textual imprints upon the eye, actuated by the opening eye, and utilizes the closing reflex to ready the next slide. By repeatedly opening the eye, being flashed, reflexively closing the eye, reading the persistence of vision temporarily imprinted in/ on the eye and then reopening for the next flash, something akin to looking at things could be had in a way of not looking at things. The length of the text should correspond to the measurable quantity of persistence.
rcarty, Jun 23 2013




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