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Flash Lights

For all your glory
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Daylight savings time has curtailed the hours available for one of life's simpler pleasures, particularly on the city steets of our great north. I propose finger pressure activated little light bars that may be affixed to the knee-length raincoat, just inside of and below the lapels. Lights would normally remain off, conserving battery power. At any appropriate moment, the lapels might be grasped lightly in the fingertips and swept smoothly, effortlessly, smartly and proudly agape, light bars activated, displaying your finery to any or all.

The person who asks of you "got a light?" on the sidewalk might be happily responded to with a sweet smiling "why... certainly I do!" Many possibilities.

mysediments_exactly, Nov 25 2010


       "Got a light, Max?"
"No, but I have a dark overcoats."
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 25 2010

       //"Got a light, Mac?" "No, but I have a dark brown overcoat"//

c.Vivian Stanshall (RIP)
DrBob, Nov 26 2010


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