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Flavoured Mouthguard Inserts

Makes wearing mouthguards slightly enjoyable.
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Anyone who has played a sport involving risk to the face will have gone through the uncomfort of wearing a mouthguard. Although they do prevent having to get false teeth at the age of 15, they are a little more then slightly annoying and the taste of saliva dried plastic is not very...nice.

From previous experience, the already baked flavoured mouthguard tends to lose its flavour after two or three weeks and then just tastes like old chewy.

Why not have insertable slips of paper like gel which come in multitudes of flavours and are available for only a dollar per 10 piece pack. You just slip the paper into the part where you put your teeth and it slowly dissolves thoughout the game and makes protecting your teeth a tasty thing to do.

Flavour Inserts also come in Vicks flavour for players with stuffy noses which prevent the player performing at their best. Just slip one in and breathe clearly for the rest of the day.

Sorry for making such a long explanation on such a simple idea but i really hate mouthgaurd taste. Really, really hate it.

bonsai_rainbow, Aug 29 2004

Listerine Freshburst PocketPaks http://www.pfizer.c...esh_pocketpaks.html
Sorta like this but more so. [bonsai_rainbow, Oct 04 2004]

soak it in some of this stuff? http://sneakykitche...oducts/extracts.htm
plenty of flavors to please the pickiest pallet:
Almond,Banana,Black Walnut,Butter,Butternut,Butter Pecan,Caramel,Cherry,Chocolate,Cinnamon,Coconut,Lemon,Lime,Maple,Orange,Peach,Peanut Butter,Peppermint,Pineapple,Raspberry,Rum,Strawberry,Vanilla [xx, Oct 04 2004]


       If your mouthguard is bugging you just soak it in mouthwash overnight. Thats what I do and it usually stays for a while. But otherwise I like this idea. +
swimr, Aug 29 2004

       maybe a slightly porous material with a central flavor reservoir?
xx, Aug 29 2004

       oh lord, I read mothguard insects <spit></spit yuk>
po, Aug 29 2004

       i like it [+]
crash893, Aug 29 2004

       but [po], they would be *Flavoured* Mouthguard Insects.
reap, Aug 29 2004


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