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Flexible Submarine

Dolphin like submarine with "skeleton"
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A dolphin like -probably nuclear powered- submarine, with an inner "skeleton" where people can stay. Includes a thick insulated area. Driven by tail and steered by nose. Can jump above water too.
pashute, Dec 17 2002

A variety of biomimetic devices http://www.umeme.ma...ine/Biomimietic.htm
Including Proteus, "The penguin boat" [phoenix, Oct 17 2004]

CALibot http://www.me.berke...edu/hel/calibot.htm
Robotic fish. [phoenix, Oct 17 2004]

(?) UCSD Human-Powered Submarine http://www-acs.ucsd...istory/history.html
"The submarine was modeled and designed to swim much like a tuna fish." [phoenix, Oct 17 2004]

Bionic dolphin http://bionicdolphin.com/
swims like a dolphin and jumps out of the water. Enter, then click on first tests to see jumping picture. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 17 2004]

Its always nice to meet a 2002 idea baked in 2006... http://www.sciencen...040915/Feature1.asp
Mechanical fins replace the rotor. [pashute, Mar 28 2006]

Knock your elf out [pashute] http://www.nobodyhe...stme/apologies.here
just to stop this madness. Pardon me. [methinksnot, Mar 30 2006]


       Given the pressing need for a submarine is to stay watertight at great depth, making it flexible would probably be more than our current technology can manage. But I have seen some interesting prototypes of fish and/or dolphin style swimming robots.
DrCurry, Dec 17 2002

       // The idea of jumping a submarine out of water is interesting. Just how do we achieve that? //   

       Make the hull out of Francium, mayhap ?
8th of 7, Dec 17 2002

       //The idea of jumping a submarine out of water is interesting. Just how do we achieve that?//
You'd definitely have to address the issue of the frictiveness of the hull. =/
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 17 2002

       For jumping out of water, I suggest as a preliminary strategy that one could adopt the "The wizard of Oz" school of thought and, much like the monkeys with wings idea, you could attach either a large number of fish to the stern (synchronised electrical impulses) or better still, the back-end of a whale. Really, the only problem with this is the method of attachment and keeping it all watertight.
donnythebull, Dec 18 2002

       I read an article about Binladen trying to purchase one man submarines from some manufacturer in the States. If memory serves, (jury’s out on that one), these subs do indeed jump out of the water.   

       Hey memory does serve... [link].   

       hey 2fries thanks!!!   

       Now <b>Halfbakers PLEASE NOTICE</b>   

       First you belittled the idea on the grounds of impossibility: no existing technology for the friction, for keeping it water tight etc.
This, while phoenix already put up a list of links, showing it could be done technically (with robots).

       Then we find out its baked!
If you are serious, and want to believe this is a constructive site and not just one for ranting at, it would be nice to hear your appolgies.

       (About Bin-Ladden: shudder. )
pashute, May 13 2003

       "Wiz Oz schooling" The idea of flexibility made me think of the skin of this sub being tile-like with some flexible and some hard plates therefore somehow affecting the surface pressure of outside water - no sorry, logic still cooking .
wjt, May 13 2003

       You fellows need to do your research before rambling. First I'll address flexibility issue. The problem has been contemplated and it is envisioned that a simple fix would be to use a solid hull for the payload (or human cargo), and simple attach a non water-tight outer skin and tail. Tombomb: The wake of a fish motion device is virtually still, as the opposing vortices created by the tail cancel each other out. This is why fish tail (Thunniform) motion is so much more efficient then propeller propulsion. Pharaoh Mobius: I don't believe frictiveness is a word, further I don't see the relevance of friction to the problem of having a sub jump out of water. I don't know why you would want to jump your sub out of the water, but if you did, as long as the passengers were well braced, I don't see a problem. To conclude: Thunniform Prop Subs (fish motion subs) are very real, and much further along technilogically than you may think. You shouldn't knock the dreamers, because if it weren't for them you wouldn't have anything to type your ignorant messages on.
MojoMark, Jul 07 2003

       The flexible sub is a great idea I am an inventor working on a flexing sub theory right now and the technology is here now so why not right and nanotechnology is right around the corner and my idea has a great chance of implementation in the military R&D for the USSOCOM..well it's starts with 1 idea and then every thing flows into motion so let's get the motion in the ocean..
solo111, Sep 25 2003

       Invent some sentence breaks.
RayfordSteele, Sep 25 2003

       Baked 2nd time! See link. Still waiting for appologies...
pashute, Mar 29 2006

       Link for you [pashute].
methinksnot, Mar 30 2006


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