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Flexible oceangoing blimp tether

Bends; does not break.
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I was pondering blimp mounted cell towers. Useful if there are troubles on the ground like fires, or floods, or lava, or triffids, or those monsters from Revelations 9:3. But kind of passé, blimp mounted cell towers.

There are no cell towers in the open ocean. Maybe because not many people are out there, but set that aside for a moment. A blimp mounted cell tower is attractive but it gets windy out there. If you anchor it to the bottom of the ocean, high winds might blow it sideways until it goes into the water.

The ocean going blimp tether is a series of rods on an elastic central cord, which I think for this will be a plastic coated steel spring. They end in an anchored buoy. Several would be spread over an area and used for a single blimp. The rods are end to end with the result that lateral forces pushing the blimp down will push the buoy underwater and so keep the blimp out of the water. They are several rods because I worry that very great stresses/impacts on the rod (those revelations monsters have wings, I noticed) might break them. These rods will give under impact but then snap back together when the impactor moves on / ricochets off.

bungston, Sep 27 2016


       Magnus Effect   

       ^^ That'll keep it up. Was thinking it would be handy for the Fridge Blimp.
TIB, Sep 27 2016


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