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Reversed swingcraft

Tether lead by quadcopter moves blimp to next stop
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* One large blimp
* Two tether cables: Cable I, and Cable II, attached permanently to the blimp.
* Each tether cable has a quadcopter permanently attached to the bottom of the cable. * Each tether has an anchor of some sort by which to connect to the stations. * For the demonstration, we will show this working with three stations.

1. The tethered blimp is sent up, tethered to station 1 with cable I.

2. Cable II, currently not connected to the ground, is pulled by Quadcopter II to the next stop, Station II.

3. Cable II is attached to Station II, and then Cable I is released from station I.

4. Station I pulls Cable II, pulling the blimp in.

5. Quadcopter I takes Cable I to Station III and process is repeated.

This is like a blimp walking on giant legs.

I'm quite sure I already wrote this idea on HB for both blimps and boats before, but: 1. I think this is clearer. and 2. I'm frustrated it hasn't been implemented yet.

Anybody wants to help me make it?

pashute, Jun 19 2019




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