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Flick Chess

Last Man Standing
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Set up a chessboard as per usual. Players take turns to flick their pieces at each others, the aim being to knock over as many of your opponent's men as possible. the player with the last man standing wins. Incredibly enjoyable, and you don't have to worry about how the pieces move.
pygmyshrew, Oct 13 2003


       More like "marbles" than chess?   

       Dosen't that defeat the purpose of chess [ eliminating the need for knowlage about the game ].   

       Plus, the game would probably be won by the first person to move.   

       It would be hard to use your front row ( the 'special' peices get in the way ).   

       Might damage the peices.   

       I got board of naming bad things about this...
my-nep, Oct 19 2003

       Actually, me and a couple of my buddies made something like this up in 3rd grade. I think we called it battle chess. Worked better because we used cheapo plastic pieces and could set up the pieces any way we wanted.
kroger, Jun 07 2004

       There actually is an old computer game called Battle Chess 3D. Mad fun. Its just regular chess except the pieces are creatures and people and when they kill each other, they actually do. Its quite comical and fun to play.
Fetus, Jun 07 2004


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