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double move chess

Each player moves twice each turn
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The second move must immediately follow the first; say, if more than 3 seconds passes after letting go of the first piece you forfeit your second move. So you have to plan them together, you can't move one piece and then think a while about your second move. Variation: you can (cannot) move the same piece twice this way.

This is probably a stupid idea, but it just occurred to me and I thought why not post it here. Discuss.

scottinmn, Sep 20 2021


       This is most certainly an idea.
Voice, Sep 20 2021

       What you need is a power-law kind of random integer generator, such that the most likely number generated is 1, but there is no upper limit. Then before you play you throw this infinite dice, and then consecutively play the number of turns indicated.
pocmloc, Sep 21 2021

       This is almost the best chess-themed idea posted here in the past week
hippo, Sep 21 2021

       Given the idea as stated, I suppose the most obvious effect would be to make it impossible to protect one piece with the threat of take-back by another piece. Also, there would be no more forks or pins.   

       Here's a question; if the first of your two moves placed your opponent's king in check, would that end the game? I suppose it would. So, once the board opened up and the major pieces got loose, the game would end quite quickly.   

       This is actually quite interesting [+].
pertinax, Sep 21 2021

       There's a chess variant called Pi, which is plated on annular board by up to 4 players. Each quadrant of the board is a complete 8x8 chess board, and each player plays two sets of pieces back to back. Kings cannot move off their initial quadrant, but the remainder of the pieces can. And each player takes two moves at a time, which don't have to be from different piece sets. I played it fairly regularly in highschool, and it (temporarily) did wonders for my normal chess game, because I learned to look further ahead with up to 6 opponent moves between each pair of mine.
MechE, Sep 21 2021

       Someone should invent a game that combines Chess with Monopoly. In this version of chess you can buy the squares you land on, then collect rent for them etc. I also propose Chess combined with Snakes and Ladders. A bigger board with more squares would facilitate the ladders and the pesky snakes which would go in both directions.
xenzag, Sep 21 2021

       Someone should invent a game that combines Chess with Diplomacy. All pieces move once per turn, and turns occur simultaneously for both players. Moves are written down ahead of time, then revealed. Two pieces moved to the same square will "Bounce". Pieces can "Support" another piece's move.
sninctown, Sep 21 2021

       Your idea - bun.

"This is probably a stupid idea... why not post it here." - bun.
whatrock, Sep 21 2021

       Ah, glad to see it's a good enough idea it was invented almost a century ago (thanks a1). And thanks to all the others who contributed amusing follow-ups, this was as enjoyable as learning that it's already well baked.
scottinmn, Sep 26 2021


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