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Floor mower

A new kind of floor cleaner
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If a floor is sufficiently flat this cleaning method is quieter, more efficient, and more effective than existing ones. This automated device cleans by moving a blade at precisely (No: more precisely than you're thinking) floor level to scoop up dirt. It allows no more than a couple of nanometers of clearance twixt the blade and the floor (micrometers if you absolutely must). Precision manufacture and extremely precise suspension adjustments permit this. Rather than waxing or mopping a second robot moves over the floor and fills in the tiniest pit, scrape, or divot with more floor material.
Voice, May 23 2020

very fine blade https://youtu.be/izI13YiRUc4
Still need to open the windows [wjt, May 24 2020]


       Perhaps a stone floor and laser ablation cleaning would achieve your goals more economically. Precision and a rapidly spinning blade may be achievable for a machine resembling a milling machine on heavy treads, but speed would be an issue.
sninctown, May 25 2020


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