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Flowers in your outlets

A flower vase to hang on or insert into an electrical outlet.
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A flower vase to hang on or insert into an electrical outlet. Water and electricity mmmm charred flowers, charred house. Product liability insurance would be hard to get. Still a lot places have dead outlets. Just at the right height. Maybe Plastic flowers and no watering. Collect a lot of dust.
popbottle, May 26 2013


       Think bromeliad.   

       Mains electricity used to power a miniature condenser to scavenge water from the air; also a little light to boost the plant's photosynthesis.
pocmloc, May 26 2013

       Haha, dangerous. Funny traps are funny. Like a glass of ''ice'' water with broken glass in it.
rcarty, May 26 2013

       The prongs that plug into the outlet, for the purpose of mounting that flower container, need not be metal, nor even connected in a circuit.
Vernon, May 26 2013


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