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Fluid Reservoirs

large reservoirs within engine bay to hold fluids
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the idea is to have large reservoirs, 5 liters approximatley. the purpose of this is so that one can of oil can be emptied into the reservoir, this will then drain into the sump as needed. This will minimise the chance of running out of oil, yeah i do know you should check the fluids but who actually does? the system would also contain a water tank and a reservoir for both neat coolant and washwipe fluid, that way the correct mixture and fluid level is maintained.
engineer1, Feb 17 2004

Google's take on "dual sump oil pan." http://www.google.c...ual+sump+oil+pan%22
[Google] [Letsbuildafort, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       5 extra liters of various car fluids would mass about 5 kilograms, so it wouldn't exactly be a huge strain on the car.
GenYus, Feb 17 2004

       <raises hand> I check the fluids in my car. I know 1989 Ford Victorias and other 5-liter Fords have 2 oil sumps for the engine. Failure to drain one of the sumps can cause failure of the oil pump *ahem(motioning to [babyhawk's husband])*
Letsbuildafort, Feb 17 2004

       Lets i do to just not that regularly, infact supprised the engine in my previous car didn't seize up because of lack of oil,
engineer1, Feb 17 2004

       this idea is not a dual sump, the idea is that the fluids are only released as the oil level drops, the 5 liter size was chosen as this is a size that oil containers regularly come in.   

       In my current possition living in a shared house the only place i can store any extra oil, screen wash etc is in my car therefore the extra weight is already in the car.
engineer1, Feb 18 2004

       If you standardised the oil containers you might be able to use a cartridge-based system. No need to check the oil level -- just slap in a new oil cartridge when the old one's dry.
st3f, Feb 18 2004

       Some marine engines I've worked on have 2 oil tanks as well as the oil on the engine. You pump the oil out of the engine into the watse oil tank, change the filters and then pump the new oil in from the fresh oil tank. Each tank holds enough oil for 2 changes. Much easier than lugging around 50 litre containers of the stuff. A scaled down version of this for cars would be great.
oneoffdave, Feb 18 2004


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