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Fly-Repellent Designs

Is that your fly or are you just happy to see me?
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Any entymologist worth his sugar knows that flies form holding patterns around a number of (regular?) shapes in households, zagging around and around in endless sharp turns. But other shapes in your house attract no (or even repel) flies from circling any one area of your household.

The idea is to get inside a fly's brain and find what shapes make a fly nauseaus if he/she tries to triangulate a flying pattern. Then design chandeliers, disco "balls", etc. to use those flyfree shapes.

4and20, Jul 30 2022

Fly repelling globe https://www.remodel...studio-jos-de-la-o/
[a1, Jul 30 2022]

Snopes can neither confirm nore deny https://www.snopes....fact-check/fly-bye/
[a1, Jul 30 2022]

Stripes of fewer bloodsuckers Stripes_20of_20fewer_20bloodsuckers
[Voice, Jul 30 2022]


       sp. "entomologist"   

       Carry on.
pertinax, Jul 30 2022

       Folklore has it that flies avoid transparent bags filled with water, that they’re somehow bothered by the distorted reflections. I don't know if that works (nor does Snopes), but you can buy pretty artwork if you don’t want a bunch of plastic bags hanging around the place.
a1, Jul 30 2022

       I would imagine that flies avoid anything that looks like a spider.
xenzag, Jul 30 2022

       and/or a spiderweb. and/or anything moving like a bat or starling, if our patterns can move. Starling and bat windchimes?
Voice, Jul 30 2022


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