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Flying Aphid/Barnacle Powered Car

Gene-splice flying insects and barnacles to power a flying car
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Using gene-splicing technology, merge a flying insect (like an Aphid) and a barnacle. The barnacle genes make the bugs extremely adhesive. Attach them to the outer panels or your "car". The panels can send mild electric charges to the "Barphids" to manoeuvre the car forwards, backwards, left, right... and UP! The Barphids reproduce right on the car, and the little baby Barphids quickly attach themselves to the car. The Aphid/Barnacles are kept fed by a fly-through car wash that sprays a nutritious protein solution.

You could even splice some glowing jellyfish genes into the Barphids to illuminate the car.

BladeDanger, Aug 03 2001


       Aphids aren't strong enough to move a car. I tried that. Have to genetically engineer your car to grow 20 elephant legs, 10 on each side. (Mine already has a trunk, which proves this is feasible.) The car goes down the road with a smooth millipede sort of stride, and runs on peanuts. Instead of an whip aerial for radio reception it has the moon on a stick.   

       [PeterSealy, you beat me to it by seconds. I'm just going to have to think faster.]
Dog Ed, Aug 03 2001

       this might work better with swallows instead of aphids.
mihali, Aug 03 2001

       What kind of swallow? African or European?
AfroAssault, Aug 17 2001

       A one-week-old car crash?
-alx, Aug 29 2001

       Blade - where are you when we need you?   

       I think this is the best idea in this "field" ever!
po, Nov 04 2001

       UB to whom exactly are you addressing your remarks? I very nearly fell off my chair
po, Nov 04 2001

       If you used Alaskan mosquitos, you'd probably only have to use ten or twenty.   

       But watch out for buglites.
RayfordSteele, Jan 07 2002

       Not as stupid as it sounds... no really... if you had lots of tiny little flapping structures on the surface of the car they could accelerate and control a laminar flow over the car, this could reduce drag firstly, and if made effective enough provide thrust. Using insect power? Wait for MEMS me thinks...
venomx, Feb 11 2003

       Have you been using the 'genetic' magic wand again BladeDanger? Of course you can just use robotic flapers ( or propelers ). Oh - also animals don't have a very good power/weight ratio.
my-nep, Oct 16 2003

       You get a bunn for "Barphids"!!!!
mhuppertz, Aug 31 2005

       [Dog Ed] - Could I get a lift home?
wagster, Aug 31 2005

       an altenative to Solar Electron panel's ('Photo Voltaic's') :   

       Could be a 'modifyer' on Electrical EEL's, giving off biological charges, in public places, 'AKVARIUM'/aquario' (ref: Copenhagen/CHARLOTTENLUND, and Jylland, plus Genova, Liguria,. (Sharks),..).   

       One solid brick of eletrical EEL' bio-flesh, charges say every 20 to 99 seconds, 100 volts, 20 degrees, 12 milli amperes, 2-3 liters of flesh, :-)   

       Eat it, and the Light in the Brain, sucks out all Thoughts in the Stom'Mach' 77xx99 region's ,, :-) s.
sirau, Jul 07 2011


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