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Flying fish spy plane

Flying fish UAV spy plane
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I suggest designing a submarining, video and audio equipped UAV that looks and acts like a flying fish. It could be used to investigate ports, war ships, topless beaches, etc.
Sunstone, May 26 2008

Flying fish 45 second flight http://news.bbc.co....ci/tech/7410421.stm
Flying fish 45 second flight [Sunstone, May 26 2008]

(?) Flying Fish UAV, U Michigan, 2008 http://www.engin.um...ts/flying_fish.html
Here you go. [jutta, May 26 2008]

(?) Floating, flying, killing UAV http://www.95news.c...attack-drone-robot/
It floats, it flies, it eliminates enemy targets-meet the water-launched unmanned enforcer Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works [Sunstone, Jan 18 2009]

UK team builds robot fish to detect pollution http://www.reuters....USTRE52J1RY20090320
The carp-shaped robots, costing 20,000 pounds ($29,000) apiece, mimic the movement of real fish and are equipped with chemical sensors to sniff out potentially hazardous pollutants, such as leaks from vessels or underwater pipelines [Sunstone, Mar 22 2009]

Getting closer http://www.fastcomp...-planes?partner=rss
MIT Designs Ultra-Efficient, Flying Fishlike Planes [Sunstone, Sep 16 2010]

Fish Drone http://www.dailymai...ots-based-fish.html
One day it will fly too [Sunstone, Nov 28 2012]

This Drone Can Fly, Swim, Drive, and Hop Its Way Through a Mission http://www.wired.co...one/?cid=co14315564
"Its wings become fins as it dives into water" [Sunstone, Nov 11 2013]

Navy spy "fish" could be operational next year http://hamptonroads...erational-next-year
A team of civilian engineers and military officers are testing the capabilities of a 5-foot, 100-pound experimental robot that's designed to look and swim like a bluefin tuna [Sunstone, Dec 12 2014]

quadcopter submarine mix http://www.popularm...opter-to-submarine/
This remotely controlled quadcopter can transition from flight to underwater mode and back seemingly with ease. [Sunstone, Dec 15 2015]

Loon copter makes it now baked https://duckduckgo....opter&t=ffsb&ia=web
Loon Copter drone flies, floats and dives underwater. Just need to disguise it as a flying fish. [Sunstone, May 03 2017]


       That'd work great, except for places where flying fish are attention-grabbing oddities, and places where people expect you to halfway invent something instead of just suggesting that someone else do all the work. Spy bots that mimic animals are certainly thought of, and chances are good that somebody else will think of mimicking a flying fish. They may decide that a splashing, sparkling, zipping thing that only gets a foot above the water isn't as good as a slow, stealthy sub with a periscope, or a birdlike thing that really flies.[-]
baconbrain, May 26 2008

       [baconbrain] so you want "I suggest designing" changed to "Build"
FlyingToaster, May 26 2008

       No, I want "I suggest designing" changed to "An UAV could be made to mimic a flying fish if it used a little water propeller on the end of a long flex shaft."
baconbrain, May 26 2008

       That first link is cool. Every couple of seconds (every 20 yards) his tail kicks off the water surface. The fish's body is out of the water for 45 seconds... It must be good at holding it's breath.
knowtion, Mar 23 2009

       Might want to pick some animal that's a little less attention grabbing. Also, you can't fly very high or long if you want to mimic the animal in a natural fashion which might limit it's usefullness. A "flying fish" moving at 300 mph 500 feet in the air might tend to attract interest.   

       Like BB says, you'd also be limited to areas where these fish are found. Fly one of these over a Siberian early warning radar at 300 mph, 500 feet in the air and I think you're pretty much busted.
doctorremulac3, Sep 16 2010

       Good point.   

       Gives me an idea for "Unbelievable Sighting Report Generating UAVs"   

       "Let me get this straight, you're reporting that Spiderman just flew over your house? You're aware that, A) Spiderman doesn't fly, he swings from a web and, B) he's a fictional character right?"   

       Might give you those precious few extra minutes loitering time while your troops swept in to get the bad guys.   

       Make them look like rude body parts and people might even be embarrassed to call them in.
doctorremulac3, Nov 29 2012

       Just for the record, I had a flying fish once that I made a couple of fish prints from before I foolishly disposed of it.   

       If anybody EVER comes across the opportunity to secure another, I'll happily pay shipping.
normzone, Dec 12 2014

       Reading that article about the Navy spy "fish" makes me worry that if such things are widely deployed, in the event of a war, the real looser could be all the fish. If we make them indistinguishable from fish, the only defense will be to kill all fish. Sort of like using agent orange on the jungle to find the people hiding there.
scad mientist, Dec 12 2014

       Fish are already pretty loose.
pocmloc, Dec 15 2015


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