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Flying wind generators

Large kite type wind generators
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Big kite type wind generators that you mount on the roof of your house - when there is sufficient wind they are lifted high into the sky. Contained in these kites are generators (maybee as an integral part of the lifting suface - like a gyro copter). Generated electricity returns to the ground via a conductive cable.
Osborn, Jun 05 2002

Australian invention http://news.bbc.co....1248000/1248068.stm
[bing, Jun 06 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Definition of 'chyme'. http://www.m-w.com/...n/dictionary?chymes
[StarChaser, Jun 06 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Highaltitude windfarm http://www.halfbake...altitude_20windfarm
So, like a less efficient version of this? [FloridaManatee, Oct 04 2004]

Jetstream wind farm http://www.abc.net....epublish_182107.htm
I was just getting quite excited by the thought of posting "Jetstream wind farm" - exploiting the high speed, constant winds of the jetstream, but a quick Google search revealed it has already been thought of... [hippo, Nov 18 2004]

Australian invention (working link) http://web.archive..../nature/1248068.stm
[James Newton, Jun 27 2006]

Safer, light-weight version Low_20Mass_20Mill
Generator on the ground, pwr xmission via mooring lines. [James Newton, Jun 27 2006]


       almost-fried Benjamin Frankin.
po, Jun 05 2002

       Wind energy's significantly greater just a few metres above the ground (I posted a link on the last wind-power idea, I forget where) so this could be a sensible way of using that extra power.
pottedstu, Jun 05 2002

       With flying windmills you could play flying miniature golf.
beauxeault, Jun 05 2002

       Get rid of the whole kite thing, and just have it as a gyrocopter, that way you can give people rides as well as generate electricity.
[ sctld ], Jun 05 2002

       Better using the gyrocopter for lift only, and having another blade driven generator for the electricity. The wind vector is usually parallel to the ground so a vertical blade surface would be preferable The gyro blades also have to support the mechanism, so to provide lift and generation would be inefficient. Getting planning permission for a helideck on the roof might be tricky though :-)
drew, Jun 05 2002

       is there ever?
yamahito, Jun 05 2002

       Thing is, we all can clearly see what the original poster *meant* to say, even if they couldn't.
drew, Jun 05 2002

       sad thing is, some of those are accepted acronyms...
yamahito, Jun 05 2002

       Baked. Oh! first time I got to say that. see link
bing, Jun 06 2002

       //Get rid of the whole kite thing, and just have it as a gyrocopter, that way you can give people rides as well as generate electricity.//   

       Even better, you can give your enemies a ride into power lines. There's an evil application for every good-hearted application.
NickTheGreat, Jun 06 2002

       Wasn't this in popular mechanics about four or five months ago. Australia was building kites with wind generators attached to them to harnas the power of the jet stream.
wood2coal, Jun 06 2002

       <personal misunderstanding> Flying Wind Generator = helicopter? </personal misunderstanding>
reensure, Jun 07 2002

       Tethered helium/hot air ballons?   

       We kind of half-seriously looked at this for masts for our community wireless project
BunsenHoneydew, Nov 21 2002

       This is meant to fly at 15 to 35 000 feet where wind supply is consistant and they've calculated it can easily beat coal (current cheapest energy supplier) and also it can generate hydrogen through electrolysis. Hydrogen has been sited by GeneralMotors as a alternative source for driving cars! And they would generate it by burning oil or coal. The by products of hydro-cars is water! W.A.T.E.R. So consider this half bake as frozen and ready for final baking to happen at home. Because we should adopt this to solve all our problems. www.skywindpower.com/
plugwatso, Mar 18 2003

       I remeber reading this in popular mechanics, it's actually used in like austrailia, that's a great idea.
almightytesla, Jul 13 2003

       Cool idea, but dynamos to create electricity tend to be kinda heavy with all that copper winding and magnets though, might take a pretty massive kite. I've gotta go check out that link now see how the Ausies did it.
tedhaubrich, May 26 2004

       According to [bing]'s link, thousands of the devices would fly 4.5km in the air. That means that to eliminate the chances of air collision, aircraft (including other flying generators) must stay further than 4.5km away. Assuming each full-sized unit would have a peak capacity of half a kW and operated at 85% load factor (Prof Mills: "flies six days out of seven") and occupied a hexagonal exclusion zone of 4.5km side-side, then the energy density of the power station = 500W / 4.5km 3×sqrt(3)/2 = only 42 Watts per square km!!   

       Also, the wires represent a horrendous hazzard to aviation. Where I fly ultralights, aircraft have been hit by kite strings in the approach path. Kite strings are completely invisible till they hit. As the plane flies along the string is dragged by the wing, slipping past so fast that they almost cut through the spar.   

       Instead of the thin, cheap natural fibre they use in those parts (not fishing line, thank God!) you propose to use a substantial wire capable of transmitting electricity.   

       With this in mind, I'm rethinking the validity of my own (near identical) idea.
FloridaManatee, May 27 2004


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