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Flypaper for microbes

get rid of those pesky bugs!
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I work in a relatively small office, about seven people in a room, and lately we've been swapping microbes just by proximity. We need something that would attract microbes floating in the air, to which the microbes would STICK - then we could just throw it away.

Alternatively, this could be a great scam for a late-night infomercial.

smendler, Oct 31 2012


       I think you're going to have better luck with the scam.   

       A HEPA or better ULPA air filter is your best bet, but those are fairly widely known to exist.
MechE, Oct 31 2012

       That thing that microbes stick to is you. But instead of throwing away, try a shower. It is that thing where the water flows over you then carries the microbes directly down the drain. You can loosen them up with soap.
bungston, Oct 31 2012

       I've also had satisfactory results with supplementary hand/face cleansing throughout the day. I know it sounds strange, but trust me, it works.
Alterother, Oct 31 2012

       I've found that the best defense is to never wash your hands, touch your face a lot, eat only partially cooked ground beef, and spend time around animals and other sick people. A strong immune system is better than tiptoeing around germs, IMO.
DIYMatt, Oct 31 2012

       I was gonna fishbone this. (I was recalling the last time I walked into a fly strip accidentally and thinking the only thing worse would be walking into a sticky mess and giving myself the bird flu).   

       Then I thought: Hey! this would catch flies as well as germs. Two things at once! Add some antibacterial glue, and you might be on to something. I'll reserve judgement.
ShawnBob, Oct 31 2012

       //We need something that would attract microbes floating in the air//   

       And they will swarm towards it how exactly?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 31 2012

       /how exactly?/   

       Mass action. It will start as the cleanest thing in the room.
bungston, Nov 06 2012

       And end up absolutely just as filthy and germ-infested as everything else in the room. 'Cause that's the great thing about microbes, you know: there are always plenty to go around.
Alterother, Nov 06 2012


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