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Hand Sanitizer With Irritant Added

Kills germs, trains you not to touch your face.
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Hand sanitizer kills some germs, but does nothing to solve the main problem of people touching germ infected objects then touching their nose or eyes. These are the main pathways pathogens use to get into your body and make you sick.

Having capsaicin, the ingredient in pepper spray mixed in to "remind" you not to touch your face might seem extreme, but better to get a little red in the eyes from time to time than getting sick no?

doctorremulac3, Dec 09 2011


       Baked. Current alcohol-based hand sanitizers already burn the shit out of any membrane or cut the user is unlucky enough to have come into contact with.
acurafan07, Dec 09 2011

       I think the idea is that it will irritate long after the alcohol has evaporated. Capsaicin would be ideal; it's even conveniently alcohol soluble (although it will irritate the hands a little bit; alcohol seems to help capsaicin penetrate thicker, intact skin).   

       Alternatively, just attach your hands to your belt with a short lead.
spidermother, Dec 09 2011

       How about hand sanitizer with your choice of irritants? For the more adventuresome types, you could offer some with urushiol... sure to be popular among the S&M crowd! Or, perhaps a version with cyanoacrylate for the practical jokers? No matter; I award you a bun, sir, for this hygienic perversion! [+]
Grogster, Dec 09 2011

       For those craving alcohol enough to scavenge sanitizer (it's common), this is the poor mans Pepper Stolichnya.
normzone, Dec 09 2011

       /burn the shit out/ I like the image of a jug of hand sanitizer with an adjacent small wall mounted bunsen burner. The user applies, then flames his hands, shaking them extinguished.
bungston, Dec 09 2011

       Blood is a good sanitiser.... why not embed some blades in that soap. As you get used to cutting yourself up over time, the blades naturally become more revealed, and release more copious amounts of the purifying blood.
xenzag, Dec 11 2011

       For people with any kind of allergies, hand sanitizers often already have added irritants.
ye_river_xiv, Dec 12 2011

       Maybe you should rewrite it as chili soup...
8th of 7, Mar 18 2020

       // capsaicin   

       Ohh, this substance made my fingers tingle for a week, after just slicing to juice these bastards.
Mindey, Mar 18 2020

       //just attach your hands to your belt with a short lead// - actually a brilliant idea. I might try this for a day and see how it goes.
wagster, Mar 18 2020

       I've just thought of a very useful application for this. I do a lot of cell culture, where sterile conditions are maintained inside a flow hood and hands are kept sterile inside nitrile gloves which we periodically spray with 70% ethanol. It gets tricky when a glove tears, it's not always obvious and you can work for several minutes without knowing a filthy contaminated portion of hand skin is exposed. If the ethanol spray contained something you could quickly feel on the skin, say menthol, then you'd notice earlier.
bs0u0155, Mar 18 2020

       There you go B. 9 year old idea so it's public domain now.   

       Just name it after me. "Doctorremulac3's Hand Stinging Germ Goo".
doctorremulac3, Mar 18 2020

       //name it after me. "Doctorremulac3's Hand Stinging Germ Goo".//   

       Do you find it awkward whenever you are asked for your full name? In formal situations do you prefer to be referred to as "Mr. Goo", or "Mr. Hand Stinging Germ Goo"?
pocmloc, Mar 18 2020

       It's Mr. Goo to you. lol
doctorremulac3, Mar 18 2020

       //Just name it after me.//   

       Sure. After a little more thought, the ideal additive would completely evaporate, like the 70% ethanol. I'm not sure that's compatible for this particular application, because it would then be available to re-dissolve in the cell culture media, and, being biologically active, it might do stuff to your cells. Quickly earning the name: "Doctorremulac3's experimental artifact goo". I'll keep thinking of candidate substances.   

       The concept remains good when you don't care about the external environment so much. Say if you're cleaning up some nasty contaminant and would appreciate a rapid indicator. Maybe if radioactive surfaces were sprayed down with pure capsaicin, you wouldn't have to tell people to wash thoroughly if they accidentally contaminate themselves.
bs0u0155, Mar 18 2020


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