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Flyswatter Toaster

Oversized cartoon glove bats toast out of the air onto your plate.
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It's basically a normal toaster, except that the spring mechanism is supercharged, allowing the toast to pop up about a foot into the air. Also, there is large glove on an arm mounted perpendicular to the slots in the toaster. The arm attaches to the toaster at a hinge halfway along one of the edges on the top of the toaster that run parallel to the toast. Prior to toasting, one must make sure the arm is lowered, and set under the latch. Lowering the arm puts it under the tension of a spring, and when the toast pops, the latch is released, allowing the arm to fly around and smack the toast out of the air sideways.
Cuit_au_Four, Oct 16 2005

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       Useless. Stupid. Brilliant![+]
jellydoughnut, Oct 16 2005


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