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Foil Frying Pouch

Crimpable Foil Pouch for DeepFrying Food wastes less oil & creates less mess
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So you've heard of Sous Vide cooking, which was apparently pioneered by high-end French restaurant chefs. It involves putting food in a bag/pouch which is then vacuum-sealed, so that it can be cooked at some precise temperature in water.

So my idea doesn't involve vacuum, or precise temperature, or water. Instead we put the food into a foil pouch capable of withstanding frying temperatures. We then pour some frying oil into the pouch, and then we partially seal the pouch (perhaps simply by crimping the mouth of the foil pouch), leaving a small opening for steam to escape.

The pouch can then be placed in a regular frying pan or pot, to be heated for frying the food inside. You're then saving on frying oil, while also avoiding splatter and mess.

After cooking is done, you can remove your pouch from the pan/pot, remove your food from the pouch, and you've got no mess to clean up. You also used much less frying oil by using the foil pouch which conformed to the shape of the food contents.

sanman, May 28 2024

Make Your Own Foil Bag (DIY) https://www.youtube...watch?v=d3yDbf2PLAQ
[sanman, May 28 2024]

Millions of years ago https://www.gocomic...ck-to-bc/2024/05/30
(well, at least since Decmber 8, 1966) [a1, May 30 2024]


       You've got a lot of vaguely similar, related ideas floating around in this oil.   

       But what is at all new or original about this one? Wrapping food in foil - with or without coating in oil - for cooking? People have been doing this for millions of years (link).
a1, May 30 2024

       I think it is to deep fry while precisely controlling the oil content using a conventional deep fryer...which is kind of novel.   

       Cook much?
minoradjustments, Jun 03 2024


       I cook daily. However, I now avoid deep frying, and now use an air fryer. Traditional frying wastes oil, it can often produce splatter. I think it can be possible to mitigate both issues by using a foil pouch which conforms to the shape of the food being cooked. The pouch could then be used to safely dispose of the remaining oil.
sanman, Jun 17 2024

       I could see it working if the food was kept from contacting the bag. Part of the goodness in deep frying, however messy and wasteful it is on a personal scale, is the bubbling and bobbing around in total contact with the oil. I think that's where the crunch comes from.
minoradjustments, Jun 30 2024


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