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Who needs arteries?
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This basically looks like an icey-pole but for the person who has total dis-regard for their health and well being. A generous amount of pork lard, smothered in golden rich butter, deep fried until crispy, another coating of butter and to top it off, it's covered in salt, just to give it that extra hit.

Every bite is just a step closer to a heart attack.

Mind_Boggle, Sep 15 2003


       Ouch, my fweedlyfloop.
sartep, Sep 15 2003

       It’s called ‘salt pork’.
Shz, Sep 15 2003

       dagwood dogs are actually a meat product of some sort...They are probaly not meat but some sort of crap they're trying to pass off as meat. Lardcicles are pure pork fat, deep fried, smothered in golden rich butter and then covered in delichious salt. I admit they are similar t dagwoods, but i reckon dagwoods would be considred the healthier alterntive
Mind_Boggle, Sep 15 2003

       I want to have a heart attack just thinking about it.
DeathNinja, Sep 15 2003

       You might want to follow one of these with one of my new TripleBypassicles™.
Detly, Sep 15 2003

       It sounds just like that hunk of lard in a can of pork and beans. You know, the queen bean.   

       Homer: When you're in my house you do what I tell you. Now butter your bacon!
Bart: Yes sir.
Homer: Now bacon up that sausage!
Bart: But Dad, my heart hurts!
Homer: Doooo it...
jivetalkinrobot, Sep 16 2003

       If you only hold the lard in the deep fryer for a small amount of time it shouldn't do to much. All it does is go crackly...like pork crackle...mmmmmm, pork crackles
Mind_Boggle, Sep 16 2003

       I want one, I like to live life on the edge, where can I get one? if I cant get one how do I make one. This would provide my hourly lard hit in the conveniance of a popsicle.
Gulherme, Sep 28 2003


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