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Fondue Gum

filet mignon or lobster?
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My favorite restaurant of all time is The Melting Pot. This restaurant is a classy fondue place with the best lobster, shrimp, chicken, steak, potatoes, salads...I can't go on. So many different things to choose from!

So, I was thinking during my visit today, "Wouldn't it be nice to carry the taste of freshly-cooked sirloin steak or lobster around with me? Wouldn't it be pleasant to experience the taste of fresh strawberries dipped in a beautiful white chocolate? Wouldn't it be absolutely incredible if I could hold the sensation of apples dipped in a warm cheese?" And it would be nice! I remember during college, I'd have taste cravings just before lunch. Everyone chewed gum. Even if it wasn't allowed, the classes are too big to notice. Now, imagine getting a taste craving, very much like smokers trying to quit getting nicotine cravings.

Imagine subtlely (sp?) reaching into your pocket and taking a piece of gum out, either from a specific pack (i.e. sirloin steak), a generic pack (i.e. sirloin, T-bone, New York prime, filet mignon, or flank), or a mix pack (well...everything). Chewing carefully, you savor the taste of the lobster in your mouth. Flashbacks come to you of dates with your girlfriend at fancy seafood restaurants. Going to restaurants with your parents as a teenager and having the finest food. And it's all in your pocket.

It may just be to satisfy a hunger pang with two minutes left before the bell, it could be used for those convienent daydreams to add a bit more reality into them, or it could be for people with neighborhoods destroyed by natural disasters to have memory of what it was like before they lost their homes. But no matter what the reason is, Fondue Gum is surefire way to satisfy any palate cravings with nothing but the finest tastes of America...and of fondue.

Nemmy, Oct 03 2005

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       Willy Wonka would be proud. Watch out for the blueberry pie.
Adze, Oct 03 2005

       I've never seen anything involving the word "blue" in fondue, but watch out! Anything is possible with half bakery.
Nemmy, Oct 04 2005

       It's a nice idea, but I just can't get my head around seafood gum.
wagster, Oct 04 2005

       Then try the chocolate. 100% guaranteed not to come from anyone's ass.
Nemmy, Oct 04 2005

       I would hope that that guarantee applies to the other options as well.
Texticle, Oct 04 2005

       One would hope...
Nemmy, Oct 08 2005


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