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cm^3 Gum

Shape gum into cubic centimeters
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Reduce packaging (lower wrapper to volume ratio) and encourage the use of the metric system subliminally.

Edit: Other uses: Medical-"get me 50cc's of gum, stat!"

Engineering-"Where'd I put my ruler? I'll just use my gum."

3d modeling-build a CNC router that accepts cm^3 gum so you can shape thousands of statues of Chairman Mao, credit to [wagster], or better yet, a cheaper, space-saving alternative to terra cotta warriors.

Ketchupybread, Aug 23 2007

"One cubic centimeter..." http://www-tech.mit...col22veena.22c.html
[normzone, Aug 23 2007]


       This somehow falls short of the spark of genius I was hoping for. Can't you shape them into little statues of Chairman Mao or something?
wagster, Aug 23 2007

       "One cubic centimeter cures ten gloomy sentiments"
normzone, Aug 23 2007

       Is that a cubic centimeter, or a milliliter?
RayfordSteele, Aug 24 2007

       //encourage the use of the metric system subliminally//   

       Not gonna work, here in our very English U.S. of A. The only thing I understand metric-wise is soda bottles. All changing gum shape this way would do is expand that understanding to include both soda and gum.   

       Until Ladanian Tomlinson has four meters to gain for a first, we will never fathom the metric system.
globaltourniquet, Aug 24 2007

       meter? No, I just want to talk about her.
daseva, Aug 24 2007

       //very English U.S. of A.//
English? Huh?
At least you could spell "metre" correctly.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Aug 24 2007

       LaDainian Tomlinson? Go LT !   

       First down, and 11.1111111 to go
normzone, Aug 26 2007

       Terra cotta warrior gum, now we're getting somewhere.
wagster, Aug 26 2007


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