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Food Boiling Suits

Boil Food Like Fremen Saved Water!
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Let us make a thermally sealed suit that preserves body heat in the same way that Frank Herbert's Fremen's still suit thingies let THOSE FOLK keep all their body water local. Utilising compacted asbestos, strips of tin foil, 1.5V batteries and reverse osmosis, these suits could channel all of your hard-earned body heat into your hat. Let the suits be fashionable: pin-striped or crushed cord. Let the hats be 'a la mode': trilby or Homburg. A frozen chicken placed above your crown in the office toilet could be cooked to a turn by the time you reach home, although (admittedly) a satisfactory drip tray would be needed to clip onto your collar. Optional: Paxo stuffing converters for ears.
eehen, Jul 09 2000


       Um... as I understand thermodynamics a living human body isn't going to heat anything to over ~37C. That would make for a _very_ slow roast.   

       Oh wait... I missed the part about reverse osmosis. That explains everything ;)
rat, Jul 09 2000

       Wouldn't the armpit or crotch be a better heat-concentration point? Seems like those are most people's hot spots.
johan, Jul 10 2000

       These are apparently already in use - there is a whole section at VoyeurDong.com/Michael_Rod/cubicles/poultry dedicated to secretly filmed footage of folk putting frozen chickens into their hats.
kimble, Jul 10 2000

       wouldn't the heat cause scorched hair, therefore making the emphasis on the style of the suit be rather unnecessary (as the person will look somewhat uncomfortable and disheveled, not to mention sweaty and with scorched eyebrows) anyhow?
Urania, Dec 15 2001


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