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Foot off the gas

A road sign telling when to take the foot off the gas
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You are driving at 80 mph and right after a sharp turn you pass a roadsign marking the beginning of a town. Since you don't want to go over the speed limit in the town, you have to immediately step on the brake which means higher fuel consumption, higher noise, more emissions, etc.

Let's have a "Foot off gas" road sign placed xxx feet before every town sign. Drivers don't have to use brakes any more...

slovakmartin, Aug 12 2013

This? http://www.dot.stat...peedAheadSigns.aspx
It doesn't help. [MechE, Aug 12 2013]

These were extremely effective while I lived there, but they went away. http://media-cultur...ns-in-edmonton.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 13 2013]




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