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Football Weight / Size Classes

It works for wrestling...
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<Begin rant>The overemphasis on high school American football competition by schools on limited budgets I feel cheats other potential athletes out of any prospect of discovering and developing their own abilities, simply because they weren't the largest kids in school.<End rant>

Enter the weight class subdivision system.

Always wanted to play for the high school team but only weigh 130 lbs dripping wet? Sign up for the 125-135 weight class games.

Are you 20-something, have a great arm, but are only 3'8"? Hook up with the professional midget league, and compete with neighboring cities.

RayfordSteele, Jun 21 2003

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       I was thinking the same--as well as age classes. E.g. while I'm sure most 60 year-old former pro-football players are either taking it easy playing golf, have gotten fat, or are dead, I'm sure a few are ready willing and able to play pro with other 60 year-olds.   

       There's also women's football and I'm sure we could include handicapped.   

       This could be used by cities who have hurting regular pro-ball teams.
Great Satan, Jun 21 2003

       A lot of sports already break out competition by weight class.
DrCurry, Jun 21 2003

       Brilliant. +   

       Maybe height class for basketball too eh?
kurleykyew, Jun 21 2003

       Who will be the linemen??????
Chris16, Oct 22 2003

       They already have leagues seperated by skill, if you are a skinny wuss, play in the "g" or "h" divison where everyone else sucks too
SystemAdmin, Oct 22 2003


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