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Football Replays With Sound Effects

Contact microphones with transmitters on the pads let you hear the impact
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After watching the game yesterday I'm updating this to just happen on the replays. Might be a little annoying to have through the whole game, but for the replays, I think it would be really cool.

When a player smashes into another player, the sound of the impact would be transmitted on an auxiliary audio track that could be turned on or off by the viewers at home.

The sound would have to be processed, specifically knocked down a three or four octives because two pieces of plastic slamming together wouldn't sound to impressive by themselves. You could also trigger sound samples as well. Explosions, crunching metal, that sort of thing. Bring in the Hollywood sound designers and let them have at it. I bet they'd have a great time.

The ball could have a spin sensor that would trigger a divebomb or rocket sound when it was thrown. When it was caught, sensors would trigger an explosion or thud sound.

The biggest hits would trigger the biggest explosion sounds so you'd be able to sense how hard the hits were on an audible as well as visual level.

But mainly it would just sound cool.

doctorremulac3, Sep 27 2012

Fox Trax special effects hockey puck http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FoxTrax
It even came with multi-coloured comet tails depending upon how fast the puck was travelling. [AusCan531, Sep 28 2012]


       // When a player smashes into another player, the sound of the impact would be transmitted to the speakers in the stadium and to the tvs at home. //   

       It already is. Pro football stadiums are wired for sound. When a TV viewer hears the quarterback calling the play or the players' pads smashing together, those are sounds picked up by big parabolic microphones and intentionally mixed into the broadcast by the production team. In some stadiums (Foxboro, for example) these sounds are also played over cleverly positioned speakers so that fans in the nosebleeds can feel closer to the field.   

       As for the idea of adding action movie sound effects... If you want that, watch an action movie. When I watch a football game, I want to hear football sounds.
Alterother, Sep 28 2012

       Make it real explosions and I'll +.
Phrontistery, Sep 28 2012

       In the late 90s the Fox network won broadcasting rights for the NHL and added special effects to the puck [link]. Like most righteous Canadian hockey fans I found it abhorrent so when it got positive coverage on an Australian TV Sports Panel show, I wrote in with exactly the same idea as [doctorremulac3]'s - except for Australian Rules Football.   

       I had car crash sounds when two players collided, divebomb sounds, V2 rocket whistles for long balls going through the air, the whole bit. Strangely, I never got a reply.
AusCan531, Sep 28 2012

       Missives, be they howsoever articulate, inscribed using green crayon and written in block capitals with lots of underlining do not tend to elicit any sort of a response other than a TRO.
8th of 7, Sep 28 2012

       <historical pedantry>   

       The V2 rocket did not have a whistle or any other noisemaker attached to it--in fact, it was infamous for making little or no sound audible at ground zero before impact, dropping, as it were, out of an empty sky.   

       You are most likely thinking of the Stuka dive-bomber, which had loud, siren-like 'whistles' that sounded when it dove. Initially these overgrown party favors scared the scheisse out of folks on the ground, but they were removed from the airplanes later in the war when Russian soldiers figured out that the airplane could not safely deviate from its dive without entirely aborting the attack and thus took to turning their rifles skyward whenever they heard the siren.   

Alterother, Sep 28 2012

       I sit corrected.
AusCan531, Sep 28 2012

       How about if it were completely optional as bigsleep proposed?   

       I'll add an on/off option to the idea and see if that dog'll hunt.   

       Thank you for the link AC, pretty interesting. Audience response is about what you'd expect. New viewers liked it, old fans didn't.
doctorremulac3, Sep 28 2012

       //The V2 rocket...little or no sound audible at ground zero before impact, dropping, as it were, out of an empty sky.//   

       You wouldn't hear anything at all. They came in at well over mach 2 and any following noise, (at that point only a swishing sound since the rocket motors were off it being in it's terminal phase) would be drowned out by the massive explosion.   

       Historical pedantry is always welcomed and encouraged on my posts AT.
doctorremulac3, Sep 28 2012

       Cartoon slapstick sounds would be much more preferable. Maybe a full orchestra as well.
RayfordSteele, Sep 30 2012


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