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Forenzic eye and brain recording

Checking the chemical remnants of the last sight and sound a murdered person heard or saw
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Checking biochemical remnants tracing short-term memory and the neural paths leading to it, found in the brain, eyes, ears, and nervous system of a murdered person. Of course, only in the case where the body is preserved and was found a short while after the murder.
pashute, Mar 30 2023

Optography https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optography
[a1, Mar 31 2023]

Seeing through a cats eyes. https://www.google....5b4,vid:FLb9EIiSyG8
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 31 2023]

Identifiable Images of Bystanders Extracted from Corneal Reflections https://journals.pl...ournal.pone.0083325
Real-time not remnants, but actually works [pocmloc, Mar 31 2023]


       [-] Old folklore in many cultures, revisited many times in fiction. Invoking biochemistry to describe a magical thing doesn't freshen it up unless you have a better description of how the tech is gonna work.   

       Most recent version I can think of is Terry Pratchett's 1996 "Feet Of Clay." The image of the last thing a murdered priest sees is reflected in his eyes - but only visible to the "camera" the police detectives are using. Said camera is really a magical imp with a paintbrush. (You'd like that novel, [pashute] - golems feature prominently.)   

       A movie that used a related idea was Douglas Trumbull's 1983 "Brainstorm" in which scientists find a way to record (and play back) a person's experiences. The main character records his own death.
a1, Mar 30 2023

       Oh wait - by Forenzic recording, did you mean the technician is from Forenza? A town and comune in the province of Potenza, Basilicata, southern Italy?   

       Amazingly clever, those Italians.
a1, Mar 30 2023

       It is known that rods and cones are chemically activated in ways that signal the brain, and it's hypothetically possible to discover which chemicals have been depleted. But it depends on the different kinds of eyes, the configuration of cones and rods, how efficiently that person's eyes work, the shape of the eye and parts thereof, and becomes impossible just a few minutes after death.
Voice, Mar 31 2023

       That’s why the savvy murderer will rip the eyes out, not leaving them at the scene.   

       And hey - free eyeballs!
a1, Mar 31 2023

       Eh, forget my earlier rambling - Wikipedia has a much better debunking and literature review (link) than I had.
a1, Mar 31 2023

       The linked page states it's usable in rabbits, that's a long way from debunking it.
Voice, Mar 31 2023

       When you’re investigating a rabbit killer (as opposed to a killer rabbit) that may come in handy. Read the rest of the material.   

       Apart from differences in rabbits and human eyes - and even of you think it’s practical - the long history undercuts any claim here to it being an original idea.
a1, Mar 31 2023

       Maybe original to the poster. If so, kudos.   

       The eyes themselves won't hold more than a last image, if that.
The visual cortex and associated visual memory might be able to someday be accessed post mortem though, depending on decay. [link]

       Forensic sp + bad science + not a new "idea" = boke
xenzag, Mar 31 2023

       // Maybe original to the poster. If so, kudos. //   

       Maybe … but canceled out by not checking if anyone else had thought of it before him.
a1, Mar 31 2023

       Posted here before but always deleted due to being bad science.
xenzag, Mar 31 2023

       3 months ago I was on my way to get medical treatment for my foot at Sheba Hospital when a man in the street waved me to a stop so as to let a truck pass by.   

       I realized that I can see his waving hand and hat and body and feet but not his face. Closing my left eye I noticed that I have a gray line across my right eye, obscuring anything that was there. I could see the shape of the obtrusion, across a "line of reading" with a round image to the right of it.   

       Upon arrival I was accepted to the emergency room and after checking my cognition, sent to the eye clinic where after many tests I clearly saw my retina displayed on a large screen with a puffed line across the middle and a circle on the side, signifying a "vascular insult" event, and possible death of neurons.   

       That was the reasoning behind this.   

       I humbly accept your criticism and thank A1 for the wp link.
pashute, Apr 02 2023

       Diabetic retinopathy?
a1, Apr 02 2023

       a1, yes.   

       pocmloc, that's a link for my Eye Scan Cam idea. Not for this one. OK, went there and found out it was [jutta]'s link over there!!! Thanks jutta!
pashute, Apr 03 2023

       Well that makes sense, where else would I find such a cool link?
pocmloc, Apr 03 2023

       [pashute], sorry hear that. curious what the “cognition test” was and why they did that first. A diabetic, presenting vision problems, you’d think they’d look in your eyes first.
a1, Apr 03 2023

       The doctors at the emergency room first wanted to see if I am in the middle of a brain event. After the nurse briefly checked me, one of the doctors on duty asked me some questions related to my long-term and my short-term memory, like what if I know my name and what day it is, and if I remember my relative's names.   

       He made a quick evaluation of my eyesight, showing me an eyesight chart, and asking if I see the ends of his extended arms, then asked me to describe the eye loss, and tell him, to the best of my knowledge, when it started and how it developed.   

       They then whisked me off to the eye emergency room, which is in a different building altogether.   

       Edited April 20:   

       *like if I know my name
Not like what if I know my name...
pashute, Apr 15 2023


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