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Fraud-Report Credit Card

Virtual Credit Card which reports the site accepting it as fraudulent
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Some credit cards support generating virtual credit cards for use on dodgy sites. I propose a new type of virtual credit card for use on phishing and similar sites:

1) Identical name and zip to owner's real card (to discourage abuse by users). 2) $0 limit, but possibly allows holds of more than $0. 3) If a merchant tries to charge the card, the processing fails and the merchant's reputation is penalized.

Such cards can be used in two ways: 1) If a telemarketer refuses to tell you who they are (or you think they are lying, or if you just hate telemarketers), pay with a fraud-report card and hurt their ability to process payments. 2) If you encounter a phishing scam which asks for your credit card, provide a fraud-report card.

What problem does this solve: Reporting a fraudster properly requires effort; most people are too lazy to bother. This provides a much easier reporting mechanism (just paste in the card).

aguydude, Nov 17 2017


       The bone I have supplied to this idea is not a real bone - it's purpose is to notify others of the validity of the vote intended :-)
normzone, Nov 18 2017


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