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Decoy Driver's License

Fake driver's license or other ID card for a decoy wallet.
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No decoy wallet is complete without an ID card. We need a decoy ID card with a photo that looks something like us but has a fictitious name, address, ID number, etc. Ideally, its number or data strip or RFID transmitter would be encoded to raise an alarm if the card was ever used as an ID (even after the card had been relaminated with a new photo).
ScottS, Jan 02 2011

(???) Credit/Debit Card Decoy Credit_2fDebit_20Card_20Decoy_99?op=aye
Make Secretly Scanning RFID Tags Risky for Theives [ScottS, Jan 02 2011]

iPod robbery decoy iPod_20robbery_20decoy
Hand over a fake iPod Shuffle in stead of the real one. [ScottS, Jan 02 2011]

Decoy Magnetic Key Holders Decoy_20Magnetic_20Key_20Holders
Stop 'em snoopin'! [ScottS, Jan 02 2011]

Pickpocket Defense Pickpocket_20Defense
Fake credit card immediately signals fraud. [ScottS, Jan 02 2011]

How to Make and Use a Decoy Wallet http://www.ehow.com...e-decoy-wallet.html
When the mugger demands your wallet, reach in your back pocket and give them the decoy. [ScottS, Jan 02 2011]

How to Make a Mugger's Wallet http://www.wikihow....a-Mugger%27s-Wallet
If you're worried about getting mugged, one way to prepare is to carry a mugger's wallet. [ScottS, Jan 02 2011]

and a whole lot of other stuff stuff_20that_20look...0not_20get_20stolen
[po, Jan 02 2011]




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